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Electrolyzed Reduced Water Vs. Fat

March 27, 2016


Health Tip for Monday- So you want to lose body fat and gain a little muscle mass, first thing you need to do is change the type of water you are drinking, by doing this you will change the second thing you need to do, change the pH of your body to slight alkaline.

Most wellness coaches and personal trainers have know idea why most people can not lose weight even though they are dieting and doing tons of cardio, if they do lose a little weight it is only temporally, once they go off that diet you will come back even fatter, I am sure some of you have had this happen. What is bad, those of you that are on those replacement meals drink diets, those diets are very acidic to the body.

The pH of the body will determine how much weight you will lose and how long you will keep it off. The root of being over weight is your body is very acidic at the cellular level, have your trainer or wellness coach explain this to you or that person that told you, if you do this meal replacement drink you would lose a ton of weight LOL.

Do not tell that person this until they explain to you what they think the answer is. Because you are so acidic from the toxic air you breathe, the food you are eating that has pesticides, and herbicides, all bottle water that has toxic chemicals in it, the sodas and sports drinks you are drinking, your body is being slowly poisoned.

Here is your answer, your body will protect itself from all the toxins by storing them in fat cells, if it did not you would die, that simple.

Change the type of water you are drinking to electrolyzed reduced water that not only is the most powerful antioxidant in existence, it will detoxify you daily and flush all those toxic chemicals out of your trillions of cells, now your body does not have to store the toxic crystals in fat cells your body will start to metabolize those fats cells.

Stop doing so much cardio get in the gym and lift weights by gaining muscle mass you will drop the body fat, while you are working out be sure to be drinking electrolyzed reduced water as your recovery drink, exercise grates metabolic toxins that can damage the muscle that is why people get sore after exercising, drink a quart of electrolyzed reduce water while working out to flush out those toxins before they do damage to your muscles, this water is the best recovery drink on the planet.

Your body is 75% water, would you rather have toxic water in your body or would you want one of the most powerful antioxidant waters to make up 75% of your body.

This is for those of you that like scientific proof
See Why So Many Athletes & Health Professionals LOVE Super Antioxidant (Electolyzed Reduced) Alkaline Water!

Try the water for a few weeks its free to try.

Bill & Emily Mabry


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