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American People are Being Poisoned by Pesticides and Herbicides on their Foods.

March 8, 2016


I just don’t understand why the American public thinks it is ok to eat toxic chemicals on their foods and in their water daily and think they are not going to get some type of degenerative disease.

If this keeps up and theAmerican public do not come to their senses the your generation will not live pass the older generation this is very serous, noow we are leraning that most of our food is GMO.

I do see some of you starting to eat more of a plant base diet, that is great, the issues is you do not realize that you are still consuming toxic chemicals that are on your fresh fruit and vegetables. If you think by buying organic foods you are getting away from these chemicals, not true, they all have chemicals on them do to toxic fall out, Dr.Oz proved this on one of his shows, check it out

Dr Oz on dangers of pesticides on fruits and vegetables

You are consuming so much pesticides and herbicides and other chemicals daily your body can not keep up, this will depress your immune system, that is way people who are on plant base diets still get cancer.

Questions is, if this is true how do we clean our fresh foods? The Japanese have been using a product for over 43 years 11.5 kangen water, they are the number one healthiest country in the world, and you might want to see why.

This is the safest and non-chemical way to clean your foods, watch the video.

Kangen-11.5 strong alkaline water removes pesticides from our foods/organic K8

Kangen water removes pesticides on vegetables and fruits

It’s free to try

Contact me at

Bill & Emily Mabry


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