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Electrolyzed Reduced Water May Be A Major Ally in the Struggle To Lose Weight & Keep It Off.

February 23, 2016

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Electrolyzed Reduced Water May Be A Major Ally in the Struggle To Lose Weight & Keep It Off.

First thing you need to understand is why you are struggling to lose weight, what is the root of the issues; you figure this out you will lose that excess weight.

Dehydration is a key element of obesity and weight fluctuations. When you are dehydrated, your body quickly begins to go into a state of shock. Water is crucial for proper functions of all of our organs, cells, and brain chemistry. Being properly hydrated is essential for a healthy body.

Dehydration leads to poor concentration, emotional imbalances, weight-gain and death. A dehydrated body is a body working over-time. Your heart-rate increases, your kidneys begin to shut down, and your liver then begins to do the kidneys job. If your liver is working twice as hard, acting as both the liver and picking up kidneys’ slack, then your liver cannot burn as much fat. You then are unable to burn as much stored fat and retain all calories consumed per day.

This is why your metabolism slows down when you are dehydrated. A low or imbalanced metabolism promotes chronic weight gain. Also when dehydrated, the body is then prone to retaining water, causing the abdominal area to bloat and protrude.

As a wellness coach for over 35 years the first thing I do when working with a client who is looking to lose weight is change the type of water he or she is drinking, even before I start talking to them about changing their life style.

Once your body and all of its organs are properly hydrated, the liver will then be able to burn fat. Drinking an appropriate amount of electrolyzed reduced water your body will also propel your body to then release retained water. The “puffy” look will cease and your dreams of the perfect beach body will be realized! Drinking electrolyzed reduced water also helps your entire system work to its optimal potential.

The bottle water you are drinking, the alkaline water you are buying at the health food stores or if you are drinking tap water or even Reverse osmosis water you are dehydrated, these waters are very acidic to the body, the short video below will show you what I mean.

The water is free to try for a couple of weeks.

Short video on how she lost weight.

Maria Browning- Losing weight by drinking Alkaline water

Short video on how bad the water is you are drinking

Bill Emily Mabry


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