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Do you have a Preventive Medicine budget, if not, why not.

January 27, 2016

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Do you have a Preventive Medicine budget, if not, why not.

The Ultimate Health (weight loss) life style change- Most of you have a budget you follow, do you have a preventive medicine budget that you follow, or are you just hoping someone in your family does not get some type of degenerative disease like cancer that can cause you to go bankrupt because of medical cost, ever thought about that. I am seeing more and more wellness coach’s post articles about how to change your diet by changing the type of foods you are eating or add these supplements daily and this will help you lose weight.

The eating plans I like are the ones that use whole foods, some wellness coaches do use whole foods, which is great. Most of them are missing the big pictures, they are not telling the whole story, and they are missing the most important part of the puzzle.

Why is it that most all wellness coaches do not talk about the type of water you are drinking? Can you live with out water? No! Can you absorb nutrients without water? No! can your organs operate with out water? No! Can your blood flow without water? No! Can your brain send electric massages to your muscle to move with out water? No! I can go on and on, your body is 75% water, researchers are now saying your muscles are 99% water, doesn’t make since that the water you are drinking is toxic free from any contaminates. This is what most of you are drinking. Watch these two short videos.

1. .Medical drugs in the water*

1. Dangers of bottle water*

The Japanese have a medical device that hooks up to your kitchen faucet, converts your tap water into electrolyzed reduced water that is an antioxidant and is therapeutic to the body.

Their hospitals and country has been using this device for decades, it is affordable, after seeing those two videos about the water you have been drinking why wouldn’t you put this device in your budget, isn’t your family’s health important to do this, how much is your health worth?

You cannot have a healthy life style just by eating whole foods, the base of your program has to be electrolyzed reduced water, and the right type of water makes everything else work right.

In closing, water is not just water it is life, the water you are drinking needs to be live water, you cannot buy this at any store or health food store it has to go through an electrolysis process, the same way nature makes electrolyzed reduced water by millions of lighting bolts.

Oh, by the way if you are local we let people try it FREE for a couple of weeks so they can see for themselves.

Your body is 75% water, food is 25%, what should you focus on first?


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