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The Truth vs. Oncologist

October 31, 2015

Chemo side affects

The Truth vs. Oncologist

Cancer Awareness Month- Please share this post- why isn’t your oncologist educating you on the side affect of chemo and radiation let say with breast cancer, you think that would be a good question to ask him or how about this ,ask him or her if they had cancer would he or she do chemo and radiation.

Your Oncologist is not telling you the truth why is it so hard for you to ask questions about the type of cancer treatment you are about to do, you need to know and understand what side affects you will be getting from those treatments and do they really work.

Beware, the oncologist will do scare tactics on you to play with your mind, go to listen to some of the cancer patient, once they told the oncologist they were going to fight cancer gods way, you will be shocked how the oncologist treated them, it is all about money as you will see.


Here is a good question does chemo and radiation kill the cancerous stem cells in breast cancer or any cancer. I am going to give you two of many case studies that show chemo and radiation cannot kill cancerous stem cells, you will know the answer let us see what he says. Know that chemo and radiation will only kill the daughter cancer cells you can find this at 9 episodes.

The New England Journal of Medicine
Our results lead us to conclude that the routine practice of administering several cycles of conventional induction chemotherapy followed by a single course of high-dose chemotherapy and stem-cell rescue cannot be recommended for women with metastatic breast cancer. Alternative strategies to improve the results of this therapy are being evaluated and include efforts to minimize the development of resistance to chemotherapy during induction chemotherapy; attempts to improve the processing and purging of stem cells; post-transplantation chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and immune modulation to eliminate minimal residual disease; and the use of multiple cycles of dose-intensive therapy. These and other approaches should be investigated in well-designed trials to improve the treatment options and outlook for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Human breast cancer cell lines contain stem-like cells that self-renew, give rise to phenotypically diverse progeny and survive chemotherapy

The fact that a small population of these breast cancer stem-like cells survives chemotherapy is consistent with the notion that the surviving tumorigenic cells are responsible for the 40% recurrence rate of invasive breast cancer.

unnamed (11)

This question will probably get you kicked out of the office, do you receive a kick back if I do chemo, as you can see you will already have that answer.


For forty years, they have been asking the public to keep giving cancer research more money and yet still no cure, wrong there is a cure they just are not telling you. The oncologist and hospitals are making a ton of money off you doing chemo and radiation, there is no way they are going to tell you the truth, if you start asking question look out they will scare you into something that does not work.

The answer to curing cancer is knowing the root of why someone getting cancer. In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won a noble prize, cancer lives in an acid environment, 100% percent of all cancer patients are acidic and most Americans are acidic because of the western diet, cancer does not happen over night it happens over time, by you eating fast foods, processed foods sodas, sports drinking, bottle water, tap water, 75% of your body is acidic, you may not have cancer now but you will some day.

Is there hope? YES, Dr. Otto Warburg also discovered that cancer can not live in an alkaline environment, yes it is that simple change your body to alkaline and cancer is gone it is dead. You have to start somewhere, 75% of your body is water so wouldn’t make sense to change the type of water you are drinking to electrolyzed reduced water known as the most powerful antioxidant in existence, it is alkalized water. This cannot be bought at any health food store this short video will explain why.

The other 25% of your body is food, you have to eat an alkaline diet, yes you have to get off all sugar and dairy as well as read meat. If you want more info you can contact me at

One more piece of information to ask your oncologist, have him explain, When treating cancer is it the pH inside the cancer cells that is critical!! – Here is your answer- Because the cell is so acidic the cancerous microbes in the cells that cause cancer to live.

Here is the case study on this- High 11.5 kangen water to treat cancerous microbes.

By Bob Wright, American Anti-Cancer Institute author: Killing Cancer – Not People

For more information go to

Bill & Emily Mabry


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