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God Vs.Conventional cancer treatment

October 20, 2015

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God Vs.Conventional cancer treatment

Breast cancer seems to be a very hot topic, you have breast cancer awareness month in October and you have the pink ribbon, the walk for the cure of cancer. All this to raise money to find a cure for cancer and yet after 40+ years when President Nixon signed the documents on the war against cancer there still no cure, or is there, you judge for your self after reading the information I have given you.

Today cancer is still on the rise, the number one killer for kids 14 and under is cancer in 2030 they are saying cancer cases will go up 75%, 1 out of 2 people will get cancer. The next time you are with all your family on a holiday, look around 1 out of 3 people in your family will get some type of cancer, cancer research still have not found a cure, for forty years all these cancer organization still take money from the public who are not seeing what is really going on and where the money is really going yet the proof is out there they are being stooped.

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Do your research you will find the answer, they will never find the cure to cancer because they are looking in the wrong place, god gave us the answer to curing cancer and gave us a body that will fight off all cancers. People, western medicine knows the cure to cancer the medical research shows what the cure to cancer is and it is not chemo, radiation, and surgery. A doctor in 1931 received the Noble prize, he discover the cause of cancer (an acidic body) he also found that a body that is healthy (alkaline) will never get cancer.

Don’t get me wrong there are good doctors out there trying to do the right thing, the problem is the root of the problem is greed and money. Your oncologist gets kick backs if you do chemo, think about it is he going to tell you the truth that 97% of the time chemo does not work.


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Why doesn’t your oncologist show you the medical research paper that shows chemo, radiation, surgery will not kill the cancer stem cells in breast cancer and in others?

The answer is simple, hopefully you will read these research papers and realize those treatments will never work and could kill you. Your oncologist will lose money on your decision not to do chemo treatments.

The New England Journal of Medicine
Our results lead us to conclude that the routine practice of administering several cycles of conventional induction chemotherapy followed by a single course of high-dose chemotherapy and stem-cell rescue cannot be recommended for women with metastatic breast cancer. Alternative strategies to improve the results of this therapy are being evaluated and include efforts to minimize the development of resistance to chemotherapy during induction chemotherapy; attempts to improve the processing and purging of stem cells; post-transplantation chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and immune modulation to eliminate minimal residual disease; and the use of multiple cycles of dose-intensive therapy. These and other approaches should be investigated in well-designed trials to improve the treatment options and outlook for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Human breast cancer cell lines contain stem-like cells that self-renew, give rise to phenotypically diverse progeny and survive chemotherapy

The fact that a small population of these breast cancer stem-like cells survives chemotherapy is consistent with the notion that the surviving tumorigenic cells are responsible for the 40% recurrence rate of invasive breast cancer.

God gave us an amazing body to deal with all diseases, the problem is modern day environment toxins are over powering the system that our body uses to fight diseases.

Our Immune system will kill cancer if you give it the right tools, antioxidants is what feeds and strengthens our immune system, the problem is most Americans are eating processed foods with very little nutrients, processed foods will cause your body to be over acidic, 100% of all cancer patients are acidic, Doctor Otto Warburg won a noble prize, cancer can not live in an alkaline body.

God gave us water with antioxidants electrolyzed reduced water organic vegetables and fruits this is your cure to cancer. And the simplest and fastest way to get one of the most powerful antioxidants into the body is by changing the type of water you are drinking electrolyzed reduced water (active hydrogen), think about this 75% of your body is water, do you think it makes since to have your body filled with the most powerful antioxidant.

See why is the water  you are drinking slowly poisoning you

Medical drugs in the water*

Dangers of bottle water*


We do not ever have to be afraid of cancer, even if your doctor tells you only have a few weeks to live, who made him god, only god has the right to take you home, god also gave you a body that will fight off diseases, western medicine will never ever work, the medicine that god gave us in nature will destroy any disease.

Please follow this documentary you will learn true cancer options.

Bill & Emily Mabry


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