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Alternative Medicine Vs. Oncologist and the Pink Ribbon

October 15, 2015


Alternative Medicine Vs. Oncologist and the Pink Ribbon

Cancer Awareness Month- Why is it ok to show pictures of cancer patients who have been butchered by western cancer treatment and then told by there oncologist that they are now cancer free, that is far from the truth, research has proven that the very treatment they did actually causes cancer in other area’s of the body.

Instead of misdirecting the public, the oncologist should be telling his patient the truth, unless you take out the root of why you have cancer your cancer will never go away.

How many times has a person gotten cancer a second and third time after being told by their oncologist they are cancer free, you were told this after you went through western cancer treatment you might want to educate yourself on this before you make a decision about what you are going to do, by the way the oncologist will use scare tactics to get you to hurry up and do his treatments, if you have been following The Truth About Cancer you learned that most breast cancer is slow growing so you do have time to make your own decision.

Research has proven there is only one way to truly kill cancer, by your own immune system, people open your eyes to the truth, western cancer treatment is big money, all you have to do is ask your oncologist how much of a kickback does he get when you do chemo, ask him this, would he do chemo and would he let anyone in his family do chemo, 90% will say NO you most likely will get kicked out of his office if you ask those questions.

Chemotherapy Doesn’t Work 97% Of The Time

Cancer can be beaten you need to know the tools you need to help your own immune system to become stronger with antioxidants, that is how you beat cancer forever.

There always has to be a starting point and that starting point is with the type of water you are drinking watch these two short videos.

Medical drugs in the water*

Dangers of bottle water*

Your body is 75% water wouldn’t make since to be drinking the best water that has the most powerful antioxidant (active hydrogen) on the planet to help build your immune system, electrolyzed reduced water.

Watch this short video on the power of the most powerful antioxidant electrolyzed reduced water.

Here is a good way to get started on your journey to beat cancer and prevent it.

Change the type of water you are drinking to electrolyzed reduced water (Kangen water)
Alkaline foods
Bitter apricot kernels
Two types of Essential oils- purity make a huge difference
Frankincense oil
Myrrh oil

Scientific case studies about the power of electrolyzed reduced water (active hydrogen) a strong antioxidant.

Electrolyzed Reduced Water- scientific research 25,500 results

For more information go to


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