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Your Life Depends on These Two Forgotten Systems To Have True Health

September 21, 2015

voltage in the body

Please share this post- I have researched and read many books from some of the top Authors and have taken many classes in the last 35 years these books are supposed to give you good information on how to have a healthy body.

The problem is most of them let say, 95% do not finish the story; they do not give you the why factor or the root of the issues and then give you the solution.

I am trying to keep this simple; there is so much to say about three systems we have in our body. Let us call them the forgotten systems; you have to understand how these systems play such an important part to have a true healthy life style.

This question is for those of you that do have education in nutrition, how often when you read a new best seller book on health do they mention the voltage of the body or how about active hydrogen in the water and why is it the most powerful antioxidant in existence.

Two of these systems are so forgotten I could not find them in several top selling health books, without them you will not live, what is really sad water is the main support for these systems, even water is barley mentioned in these books, when they do mention water they give very little information, understand that not all waters are the same.

Watch this 3-minute video it will change you forever, this is no joke.

Medical drugs in the water*

Your body is 75% water, your brain is 80% water, and your blood is 95% water, so why is water not talked about, can you live without it, of course not. What people need to know is the water they drink good for them, if it is in a bottle or tap water or if it does not have a negative charge to the water, it is acidic to the body, the best water on plant has active hydrogen the most powerful antioxidant in existence, you will never find it in a plastic bottle or at any health food store coming out of a machine.

Let us get back to the forgotten systems that we have in our body for true health. I am going to talk about two systems that are not mentioned in most health book.

Lymphatic system, which is your sewage treatment plant in your body, with out water it gets sluggish and cannot dispose of the toxic waste, your body produces. When this occurs, you will get some type of degenerative disease.

The system I am about to talk about is in my opinion very important, it is the voltage of your body, know one seems to talk about this important system.

The voltage of your body is so important; if it does not function right, you will die. With out the proper water, and I do not mean bottle water, tap water, these so called alkaline water you can buy at the health food store, I am talking about water that is an antioxidant and has a negative charge to each glass you drink, active hydrogen alkalized water (KW).

Look at the voltage chart I posted, if you understand that chart and how important the right water is and the right type of foods you should be eating then you and your family will have a chance to fight off diseases.


You can msg me if you would like more information.

Bill & Emily Mabry


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