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Pesticides and Herbicides are killing us.

September 5, 2015


Pesticides and Herbicides are killing us.

The public needs to understand how poisonous pesticides and herbicides are on all their fruit and vegetables. I am also including organic fruits and vegetables. Those of you that are saying I grow all my own vegetables in a controlled open-air garden, you might want to check this out.

Do your research on toxic fall out. Your home garden is being contaminated by toxic chemicals, example: the planes that fly over your home, they leave a white trail what do you think that is? It falls right onto your garden or how about the air stream, you could have someone spraying pesticides on their crops miles away it will travel in the air for miles.

Here is a great report by Dr. OZ, take the time to watch it.

Dr Oz on dangers of pesticides on fruits and vegetables

Now that you have seen the video pesticides and herbicides is very serous, it gets worse.

Your family is eating these chemicals daily most of you at every meal. Understand degenerative diseases do not happen over night it happens over time, do you think you are flushing out those toxic chemicals from your body daily?  Of course not because most of you are dehydrated and you are drinking toxic water on top of eating toxic foods.

Childhood cancer on the rise, childhood diabetes on the rise, how can this be with all of you doing the walk for the cure for cancer, this has be going on for over 40 years , they still have not found a cure and they are not going to, why? Because to many medical professionals and hospitals  make a lot of money off of cancer treatments. Did you know that diabetes once was an adult diseases?

I just got a text from someone that has a friend who has a 5-week-old child with acid reflux, how can that be?  Parents need to wake up and teach your kids about true health, it has to start with you as the parent, why is it so hard for parents to understand this?

Most of you have no idea how pesticides work and why the FDA is now saying there could be up to 64 different types of pesticides on your foods.

Enzymes in your body makes everything work. I hope you are ready for this, pesticides and herbicides are designed to make the bugs enzymes in their bodies to malfunction and cause them to die, read it again. You also have enzymes in your body, pesticides and herbicides will also damage your enzymes, our country is getting sicker, doctors are getting richer, pharmaceutical companies are making billions off of people dying.

We called one of the top juicing bars in our town, supposedly they are organic and asked them, how do you clean your fruits and vegetables and please send us the chemical you use. They soak their fruits and vegetables in a toxic chemical to kill bacteria it does not even take the pesticides off, it sits in the chemical for hour. Do you think maybe the food is absorbing the chemical? It is the same thing most people do when they buy organic fruits and vegetables, they wash the foods off with city water out of their kitchen faucets, you have now contaminated your organic foods with the chemicals in your tap water. Goggle your zip in your cities water district and you will see what chemicals are coming out of your kitchen faucet.

As I said this is probably one of the top juicing bars, you will most likely be shocked if you new the name.

Most of you will probably just blows this off, and think oh well I am going to die anyway, God wants us to die peacefully not suffer, do you know someone with cancer? Are they suffering? Is that something you want to go threw or watch one of your kids go threw having cancer, unless you start now and educate yourself and your family about true health, your family has a much better chance of getting some type of degenerative disease.

Japan has found a way decades ago, how to clean toxic chemicals off their foods with out using a toxic chemical. They make it out of a medical device that any household can afford, watch this short video, All it does is take your tap water and converts it to a high 11.5 alkalized water that is used for cleaning,  Japanese hospitals have been using it for decades, it will take all toxic chemicals off fruits and vegetable. I am not going to explain how it all works just watch the video, decide for yourself, if it makes sense go to

Kangen water removes pesticides on vegetables and fruits

Kangen-11.5 strong alkaline water removes pesticides from our foods/organic

By the way, Japan is one of the healthiest countries in the world. We most likely will never see this in any of our hospitals because it works and the medical field would lose too much money.

The proof is in the pudding. More and More doctors are starting to see the benefits in their patient’s blood test when drinking active hydrogen alkalized water (KW) see for yourself.

Kangen water and a blood test.(doctor)

One other thing, you have to have a way to detox your body 24/7 from all the environment chemicals, the simplest way to do that is by drinking the most powerful antioxidant in existence, active hydrogen alkalized water (KW).

Bill & Emily Mabry


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