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Active Hydrogen alkalized water (KW) benefits people who are taking supplements and essential oils

August 27, 2015

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Active Hydrogen alkalized water (KW)benefits people who are taking supplements and essential oils

I have been reading on facebook about all these magic supplements and oils and super foods. Don’t get me wrong some of these probiotics and oils and supper foods are very important for the body I do believe that, and you should be taking them, do your homework research them first for the best.

You are all missing the most important thing for your true health; you cannot transport nutrition’s, oils, and enzymes to the blood with out it and you cannot live without it but know one really talks about it.

The body has a system that fights diseases; god gave us this system to protect us from environmental toxins, it is our own immune system. No drug or made chemical will ever heal a human disease, only the Immune system.

The problem is our environment and western foods have destroyed our immune system it cannot keep up with the poison we are drinking, eating and breathing.

Refer to this

What is the big secrete that no body talks about when it comes to being healthy, its water that is right its water. Some of you are thinking, I already drink a lot of water, maybe so but are you drinking the right water?

Water is the number one transport system to carry nutrients and enzymes to the blood, so all those supplements you are taking, they want do you any good if you do not have the right water.

How import is the right water 75% of your body is water, 80% of your brain is water, 95% of your blood is water and your lungs have the most water, I guess you would say water is important right. I also would think that you would want the best water as well.

You can not buy the best water that is full of active hydrogen which is the most powerful antioxidant in existence at any health food store unless they have a medical device that makes it, it can not be stored in a bottle and left on the shelf until it is bought.

How do we feed our immune system to make it strong and be able to keep up with all the environmental poisons out there?

Simple answer by feeding your immune system with one of the most powerful antioxidant in existence, Active Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen H2) the simplest way to get it is by drinking active hydrogen alkalized water(KW) remember your body is 75% water you also have to have a way to transport those supplements to your blood.

You cannot eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables per day to get the amount of antioxidant in one 16 oz of a glass of active hydrogen alkalized water (KW).

There are now hundreds of scientific case studies showing the benefits of active hydrogen as being therapeutic to the body.

Research on Hydrogen H2

You will not utilize your supplements or oils or what ever you are taking unless you have a superior transport system to carry it to the blood and though out the body it has to be active hydrogen alkalized water (KW) (molecular hydrogen H2).

Bill & Emily Mabry


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