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Dangers of Bottle Water, Parents this is Serious.

August 17, 2015

bottle water poisonCancer and acid

I hope this information will help you understand how serous it is for you to know how bad bottle water, sodas, sports drinks are for your health.

The U.S. is no longer in the top 40 countries on health; we were at 38 worst countries for health, now we are at 48 on the list of the worst countries on health.

Your body is 75% water if you watch the documentary on the truth about how bad bottle water is, could this be a reason why our country is so sick.

Dangers of bottle water*

If you can change 75% of your body with the strongest antioxidant in existence how much healthier would your family be, and how much stronger your immune system is to fight off diseases.

No doctor, no drugs, chemo, radiation treatment will ever cure your diseases, that is fact.

If you are sick your body is acidic, you have to be slightly alkaline to fight diseases, all bottle water, sodas, sports drink and tap water are all acidic to the body, look at the chart you are in the acidic section if you are not drinking active hydrogen alkalized rich water KANGEN WATER.

See the truth in this short video

Why are so many medical professionals, researchers, and some of the most famous doctors in the world also say if you are acidic, you will get some type of degenerative disease, diseases does not happen over night they happen over time.

unnamed (27)

Parents it is up to you to teach your children about health, if you do not, someone in your family will get some type of disease when they get older, that is just the way it is.

For you skeptics there are more then 400 scientific case studies showing the therapeutic benefits to drinking active hydrogen alkalized water, electrolyzed reduced water, Kangen water how ever you want to call it, more studies are coming out every day.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Cerebrovascular diseases, Diabetes mellitus
Malignant neoplasms, Cardiovascular, progress

The evolution of molecular hydrogen: a noteworthy potential therapy with clinical significance for many diseases (case studies for doctors) about Kangen water

Research on Hydrogen H2

Free information

Bill & Emily Mabry


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