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Don’t wait till it is to let.

July 14, 2015

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Don’t wait tell it is too late

This is a common practice for most Americans they put there health and there families health at the bottom of there to do list thinking that none of them will ever get some type of degenerative disease like cancer, you better think twice about that 1 out 3 people will get some time of cancer in their life time.

Last night we had one of our classes that we do each week on health and how bad the water you are drinking is. We had a family their where the mother came to one of our classes a few weeks ago, after seeing the live demo on how bad the water was here family was drinking she started on the free water protocol and of course the husband thought it was snake oil so he did not drink the water, this is not any water it is full of the most powerful antioxidant in existence (hydrogen H2 alkalized water KW) to make a long story short he was there last night at our live demo with there kids, why the change of heart, he has just found out he has cancer.

Most Americans feel they will not be that percentage that will get some type of cancer so they keep living that western life style. The Japanese are one of the healthiest people in the world, they teach preventive medicine.

With all this information on how bad bottle water, sodas, sports drinks, tap water and even those so called alkaline water you buy at the health food stores (they are in plastic bottles) you still don’t get it, keep this up you or someone in your family will get some type of degenerative diseases like cancer.

I have always believe that documentation beats conversation here you go look for your self.

Dangers of bottle water*

The benefits of molecular hydrogenH2 alkalized water scientific studies.( benefits on diseases.*

Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Cerebrovascular diseases, Diabetes mellitus
Malignant neoplasms, Cardiovascular, progress
The evolution of molecular hydrogen: a noteworthy potential therapy with clinical significance for many diseases (case studies for doctors) about Kangen water

Oh, by the way the person that just found out he has cancer, after seeing the live demo he is now drinking hydrogen H2 alkalized water KW.

Free information

Bill & Emily Mabry


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