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Molecular Hydrogen H2 Alkalized Water vs. Western Medicine

July 1, 2015

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Molecular Hydrogen H2 Alkalized Water vs. Western Medicine

I am going to be very blunt right up front, if you want to protect your family from getting some type of degenerative disease like cancer, diabetes, Autism and many more you need to take control of your own health and the health of your family by educating yourself and by changing the type of water you are drinking.

Most of the medical industry does not care about you they are driven by greed and money, let me rephrase that all of the medical industry.

Very few doctors out there really care that you get better. Simple way to find out, ask them, will this drug you are giving me cure my issue, they know the answer. How do you think they make their money by you not taking drugs, come on people open your eyes like I said greed and money.

There are a few out there that have walked away from western medicine to become alternative medicine doctors, I do know a few, these doctors due care if you get better.

Here is a great example, one of the highest money making drug for doctors is chemo, do you really think what they know about the dangers of the side affects of chemo they would let themselves or any one in their family do this drug to fight chemo, heck no!

Here it comes, the medical professionals are making million on your ignorance, and they are very good at lying to you or scaring you into doing chemo.

Here is a good story for you. During one of my molecular hydrogen classes I had a women who had cancer for the second time, understand she was told the first time she was cancer free, most of us who are in this field know if you did western treatment you will never be cancer free, research this yourself I am not making this up it is fact.

This women did take the time to do her research on western treatment this second time around, why, because it is obvious the first time do not work.

After she had done her research, she told her doctor no I am not going to do chemo and radiation this time I am going to do alternative medicine. You will not believe what happened next.

Her doctor blew up on her telling her if you do not do chemo you will die, alternative medicine will never work, he was so mad she was scared, but she still told him no to chemo.

This goes beyond bad, the doctor called the family members to let them know the mistake she was making by not doing chemo and the risk she was taking by doing alternative medicine. Is there a happy conclusion to this sorry to say no?

You might want to watch this short video on chemo treatment.

Chemotherapy Doesn’t Work 97% Of The Time

Remember I mentioned the first thing you need to do is change the type of water you are drinking this is why.

You have to start somewhere right. Think about this can you live with out water of course not, your body is 75% water your Brain is 80% water your blood is 90% water, do you know someone with kidney issues, your kidneys are 82% water. Think back how much water are you and your family drinking per day, most families are not drinking enough water. Bottle water sports drinks those so called alkaline water you’re buying at the health food stores do not count, you are drinking toxic chemicals, now look back at how much water your organs need to operate, now think about this, the U.S. is one of the sickest countries in the world.

Can you see now why I say you need to start somewhere and that somewhere is by changing the type of water you are drinking to Hydrogen H2 alkalized water (KW).

You need to watch this short video on why the water your are drinking is toxic to your body before we can go on, does that make since.

I hope you saw why you needed to see the short video.

I am going to educate you a little on the most powerful antioxidant in existence molecular hydrogen H2 molecule (KW) to help fight degenerative diseases like cancer.

I always like to back up what I say with scientific case studies. There are now over 400 case studies showing the power of molecular hydrogen H2 (KW).

Here are a few scientific case studies on different diseases, 300 studies.

Research on Hydrogen H2

Before we get started, you need to understand drugs will never heal you your own immune system will help you fight off diseases. What builds a strong immune system is a true antioxidant (molecular Hydrogen H2 molecule). You also need antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals that are doing the damage to our body (oxidative stress). Free radicals are all around us you, you cannot get away from them they are in the air you breathe, the food you eat (pesticides) the water you drink, every day stress.

The most powerful Antioxidant in existence

Is your water Hydrogen H2-rich Antioxidant water?

Hydrogen H2 Rich Water

The H2 molecule, unlike other antioxidants, is a Selective antioxidant that only targets the dangerous free Radicals (OH*) hydroxyl radical by converting them instaneously to water. Thus protecting our DNA, RNA, and proteins from damage.

Hydroxyl radical/cancer-Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively
reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals

With every class of hydrogen H2 alkalized water (KW) you are getting the most powerful antioxidant in existence to help you and your family fight diseases like cancer.

Watch this short video on why it is able to penetrate the cell wall and turn the most dangerous free radical (hydroxyl radical) in our body to water.

It is simple to see for yourself it is free to try for a couple weeks.

Free information

Bill & Emily Mabry


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