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The benefits of Owning an Enagic Business Franchise.

June 27, 2015

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I am writing this for those of you who still may not know how valuable the Enagic medical device you own is and how you can change the lives of hundreds of families; you may even save a life.

What you have can help a family with their health and their finances.

I have talked to many people in the last 6 months who are looking for a way to help their families financially and at the same time having more time with their families. Health is also a major issue in the mines of people as more and more of their family members are dying or getting some type of major degenerative disease.

You have a medical device that produces one of the most powerful antioxidant in existence; Molecular Hydrogen H2 alkalized water (Kangen water) there are over 400 scientific case studies proving the therapeutic effects to the body when drinking Kangen water.

For your records, here are a few;
Research on Hydrogen H2

Now knowing this how can you keep this as a secrete, you have family members and friends that have some type of medical issue they deserve to know about this let them make the choice if they want to try the water for free for a couple of weeks.

Lets talk about you owning your own franchise (home base business), understand the only way you are going to have financial freedom and have more time with your family is by owning a franchise, it will never happen if you are working for someone else, that person you are working for they are benefiting from your hard work, you think there might be something wrong with that picture.

The question is why aren’t more people doing a franchise or home base business? The answer to that is, they do not know where to look or how to start and most good franchise are too expensive.

STOP LOOKING, you have the best franchise on the planet, it only cost you about $4000 to get started, the crazy thing is you can finance the cost, what other company will do that for you and if your credit is shot like a lot people Enagic will still finance you. Ask the person that introduce you to Enagic.

This part is very important when deciding the best franchise to get involved in. Enagic has been around for 41 years, the hospitals have been using Kangen water for over 40 years in Japan (Japan is one of the healthiest countries in the world) it is obvious they have a solid foundation. They have a patent commission pay plan that franchise owners can make a great living on as you can see below. Know other franchise has this.


unnamed (1)

As you can see with a little effort and by setting, a 2-year goal to build your franchise you can change the lives of your family and others.

This is a real business, some day here in the U.S the Enagic medical device will be a household appliance. To let you know, if you do not treat this franchise as a business money does not fall out of the sky, you have to work it as if it is a real business and you have to have a business plan, all successful business have a business plan we can help you with that.

The secrete to being successful in Enagic, show the dvd if they see a value in it share the water with them for two weeks max of thirty days then take it away from them, that’s it. Go to events and live demos as many time as you can that is how you learn. Contact your up line if you have question but do not expect him or her to do the work for you.

I am going leave you with this- the only way you can fail in Enagic business plan is by quitting.

Please read this; The argument is over, people all over the world are launching themselves into the Kangen world. Deciding to be apart of this movement isn’t about the facts anymore. Its about wether you trust the judgment of millions of like minded health fanatics around the globe. Who all really want to make their good better and their better best!

What’s not to trust? We’ve done the research.

So what do you say how do you feel about ditching the mainstreamist inside you and become one extra soul in the opportunist community of Kangen Water.

Kangen Water is changing millions of people’s lives all around the world why not be one of them. What’s the best that could happen?

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A


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