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Molecular hydrogen H2-Oncologists get PROVEN WRONG- it does matter what you eat!

June 5, 2015

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Oncologists get PROVEN WRONG- it does matter what you eat!

How many times have you heard or been told it doesn’t matter what you eat during Cancer and cancer patients are encouraged to eat whatever they want? This ONE thing PROVES they are completely wrong and HAVE TO APOLOGIZE to all these Cancer patients and their families.

Do you think that eating sugar or anything that turns to sugar doesn’t cause Cancer? Think Again!

Cancer cells are glucose metabolizers, their only source of fuel for survival is SUGAR since their mitochondria are damaged. Based on continuous research, it is clear that sugar feeds cancer; therefore, the PET scan uses radioactive glucose to detect cancer cells. The simple mechanism of tagging glucose molecules with radioactive indicators that light up when the cancer cells ingest them further confirms that doctors are aware of cancer’s weakness for sugar. NOW Oncologists are using Diabetes drugs in Cancer patients to keep sugar out of the blood and decreasing the amount cancer cells take in!!!

Listed below are three reasons why it is paramount doctors and researchers are doing this:

It shows they are taking the initiative to find better treatments than chemo, surgery and radiation.

They are admitting SUGAR plays a role in reversing as well as causing cancer and IT MATTERS WHAT YOU EAT!

They are getting closer to finding Cause(s)- The Cause is the only Cure!

In a meta-analysis of 20 papers involving over 13,000 patients reported by Dr Ming Yin et. al. in the Oncologist (November 15th 2013), concluded that metformin helps increase survival rates in cancer patients with type-2 Diabetes, better than other plasma glucose-reducing drugs.

Editor of the Oncologist, Bruce Chabner said this study had removed concerns that metformin might have some causal effect, and could actually play a part in tumor reduction by helping to lower plasma glucose levels. As we repeatedly tell readers, glucose is the primary fuel for cancer cells.

What’s great about this is, it PROVES that lowering sugar and blood glucose levels increases SURVIVING and causing cancer. The bad news is they are using a medication with many side effects (nothing compared to chemo and radiation) but when there are SO MANY natural/safe things to do why wouldn’t you do this. Lower your blood glucose safely and naturally is one of the KEYS in reversing or preventing CANCER:

Stop eating SUGAR and anything that turns to sugar. That means ALL grains, pastas, carbs, breads and most fruits at least during the initial phase of reversing cancer. Measure blood sugar levels throughout the day with a glucose meter to ensure you’re keeping glucose down while simultaneously keeping INFLAMMATION down. Monitoring your blood sugar IS ONE OF THE keys I teach to every cancer patient.

Eat only moderate to low amounts of protein. Excess protein will convert to sugar.

Take natural supplements that bring down blood glucose levels:

Drugs like chemo and radiation will never cure cancer your own immune system will cure degenerative diseases. You have to give you’re immune system a fighting chance to fight diseases, how do you do that? By drinking one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence hydrogen H2 alkalized water. There are over 400 scientific case studies showing the therapeutic benefits when drinking (KW) hydrogen rich alkalized water.

Here are a few case studies:

Research on Hydrogen H2

If you have done, your research on the long-term side affects of chemo and radiation to treat your cancer and you still feel this is the way you need to go at least start drinking hydrogen H2 alkalized water (KW) while you are going threw the treatment, research has show that hydrogen H2 alkalized water (KW) will help you get threw the side affects when doing chemo and radiation and will help boost your immune system and fight the disease.

Case studies showing hydrogen H2 alkalized water benefits during chemo and radiation treatments:

Molecular hydrogen H2 helps with chemo side effects.

Molecular hydrogen and radiation protection.

If this all makes sense to you the water is free to try for a couple of weeks.

Free information

Bill & Emily Mabry


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