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The Power of Molecular Hydrogen H2 has been hidden from us for Decades Til Now.

May 20, 2015


Why has the most powerful Antioxidant in existence Molecular Hydrogen H2 been hidden from us to help fight cancer and other diseases?

The picture shows how long we have known about it.

I am setting here at my computer desk today thinking to my self what should I post today then I get a massage from the truth about cancer on my Email, it is a short video talking about how these cancer foundations really are not looking for the cure of cancer, what is really sad is the normal person who gets involved in organizing these events really do want to help to find the cure for cancer.

It is the people at the top of these organizations who have a different agenda; it is called greed and money.

Go to to learn more.

On the flip side the cure for cancer has been known since 1800 it just has not been told to us, until now, it can not be hidden any more.

What is really crazy there is even scientific case studies showing this.

There is a molecule that is the smallest molecule in existence and it is one of the most powerful antioxidant on the plant.

Cancer researchers know that the immune system is the only way you can cure cancer, drugs, chemo, and radiation, western medicine does not work, the facts are out there cancer is still on the rise and child cancer is getting worse, open your eyes western treatment for cancer does not work.

Check out this short video on the truth about chemo:
Chemotherapy Doesn’t Work 97% Of The Time

I think it is time to tell you the name of the most powerful antioxidant in existence, molecular hydrogen H2 there are over 400 scientific case studies showing why hydrogen H2 is therapeutic to the body, here is a few.

Research on Hydrogen H2

One of the best ways to flood your body with molecular hydrogen H2 antioxidants is by drinking Hydrogen H2 rich alkalized Kangen water. Your body is 75% water your brain is 80% water you blood is 90 % water, wouldn’t make sense to be drinking the best water on the plant. You cannot get hydrogen H2 rich water in a bottle at any health food store.

There are seven countries in the world that have hydrogen H2 rich water still coming out of the ground the problem is you can not store it in a bottle it will only last about 24 hours, question is what is the next best thing.

Leave it up to the Japanese to figure out how to get hydrogen H2 rich water into the homes of there people. They have been drinking this water for over 40 years and the hospitals have been using it for over 50 years, in Japan it is considered a medical device it hooks right up to your kitchen faucet and converts your tap water into molecular hydrogen H2 kangen water.

The scientific research on molecular hydrogen H2 was introduced to us in 2007, that is way not many of us know about it, that has changed it cannot be hidden any more.

The reason way it cannot be hidden is because of scientific research like this.

Why is molecular hydrogen H2 able to help treat cancer patients (case studies)

Most of do not know this , I didn’t until about a year ago and I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 35 years no one ever taught us that there were different types of water, most western doctors have know Idea about the most dangerous free radical known to man.

The Hydroxyl radical is the most dangerous free radical known to man; hydroxyl radical damages the DNA in our 75 trillion + cells. Because you are so over acidic from drinking sodas, sports drinks that includes Gatorades, all bottle water you buy at stores and health food stores and processed foods, can’t for get environmental toxins you are breathing daily.

Your immune system cannot keep up with the daily poison you are taking in so what happens you are getting overly acidic and produce the hydroxyl radical.

There is only one antioxidant that can naturalize a hydroxyl radical so your body can repair the cell (DNA) a molecular hydrogen H2 molecule. There is no other antioxidant that can do that, a good example is the picture below.

antioxidants H2

Scientific research:
Hydroxyl radical/cancer-Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively
reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals

As I mentioned one of the best sources of hydrogen, H2 is by drinking hydrogen H2 alkalized water (Kangen water).

There you have it now you know more then most medical doctors in your area.
The truth about the water you are drinking

Free information

Bill & Emily Mabry.


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