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Greed and Money takes over the Health Industry

May 12, 2015


I was sitting at my desk this morning thinking, what should I write today about health? then the word TRUE HEALTH came to mind.

It is really sad that the people of the United States are being slammed with all these advertisements about skin care products that are healthy for your skin or a bottle of juice that says, this is the best antioxidant you can drink or supplements that a doctor or a celebrity uses and says this is how I lost so much weight.

What really is sad is people are being told by medical professionals that you need to take mineral and vitamin supplements to be healthy. Little does the public know that these supplements can actually do more harm then good?

Read the link below.

Excessive use of dietary supplements linked to increase cancer risk–+ScienceDaily%29

Oh by the way these companies follow up with stuff like, if you tell all your friends about how good these product are you will earn a brand new car or how about you can make so much money you will be set for life.

These companies are playing on people who are not educated about true health and only see that person making a lot of money pushing a product that is man made with toxic chemicals. You have to understand, degenerative diseases do not happen over night, it happens over time.

What I mean is, your 75+ trillion cells are building up toxic chemicals that are in the air you breath in the foods you eat in the water you drink on a daily bases.

Could this be the root of all diseases caused by environment toxins? If you educate yourself on true health you will learn the answer, you will also learn how greed and money motivates the health industry just as it does in the medical industry.

God gave us fresh fruits and vegetables that are full of antioxidants and water that are full of one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence Molecular Hydrogen H2, the problem is the public does not understand how toxic the bottle water is they are drinking or how many different types of pesticides are on the fruits and vegetables.

There are over 400 scientific case studies, the most powerful antioxidant in existence

Molecular Hydrogen scientific case studies on many degenerative diseases.

There is a way you can give your family a fighting chance in this chemical world you have to be willing to educate yourself on true health.

And it has to start with molecular hydrogen H2 this needs to be your base.

You are not going to find true health in that man made skin product or those so-called antioxidant juices you buy at the stores or the supplements you buy at health food stores.

I have yet to find a plant that grows supplements.

Bill & Emily Mabry


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