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Dissolved Hydrogen H2 Alkalized Water has advantages over Pharmaceutical Drugs Case Studies

April 9, 2015

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Dissolved Hydrogen H2 Alkalized Water has advantages over Pharmaceutical Drugs Case Studies.

Hydrogen as a Selective Antioxidant: a Review of Clinical and Experimental Studies

The Journal of International Medical Research

All Pharmaceutical Drugs you are taking have some type of side affect in your body.

Why in the world would you let your doctor prescribe a drug to you that only mask your medical issue and does not cure it, you own your body do not let your doctors prescribe a drug without him telling you the side affect and then do your own investigation on the side affects?

Some of you have had medical issues for years and have seen many doctors and have taken many types medication to help with what ever issues you have, well how is that working.

If you are still sick, it is not working, then why are you not looking somewhere else like maybe hydrogen H2 alkalized water (KW).

You want to know why so many people have change the type of water they are drinking to hydrogen H2 alkalized water (KW) because it is working for what ever medical issues they have, here is a good scientific case study showing the power of one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence.

The evolution of molecular hydrogen: a noteworthy potential therapy with clinical significance for many diseases (case studies for doctors) KW.

When a doctor proscribes a new drug ask questions that is your right.

Ask him this question will this drug reverse my medical issues, beware he might get upset with you. We are now finding more doctors are starting to realize that pharmaceutical drugs are not the way to go they are now looking into ways to boost up the immune system with a good source of antioxidants like Molecular Hydrogen H2 alkalized water.

Hydrogen H2 Alkalized water ( KW) has a good source of molecular hydrogen H2 and is one of the easiest ways to get it into the 75+ trillion cells, and besides you have to drink water anyway to survive.

The root problem of all degenerative diseases is Acidosis.

Something you must know. I have had clients tell me that their doctor told them their pH balance was ok (alkaline) I asked the client how did they test for that, there answer by doing a blood test, understand that is not the only place you test for acidosis this is why. You not only test for acidosis by doing a blood test you have a separate test that needs to be done for your cellular fluids. This is the mistake most doctors make. Your blood has to stay at around 7.35 to 7.45 alkaline pH if it drops below or to high, you will go into a Coma. The body is going to do what ever it needs too, to keep your blood at a safe pH. Alkaline minerals are what the body uses to buffer the acid build up in your blood. If you do not have enough alkaline minerals built up in your system, your body will steal the minerals from your bones, tissues, hair, brain where ever it can get it and that will cause some major medical issues. Most of the time when they test your blood your pH level will read ok, so why are you still so sick? your inner and outer cellular fluids are still acidic you need to change to a slight alkaline to reverse what ever medical issue you have.

Remember what I said to be able to reverse what ever medical issue you have you need to find the root of the problem, medication only prolongs your issues and actually will cause more damage. Most likely your body is in acidosis.

You have to start somewhere so why not start by changing the type of water you are drinking to hydrogen H2 alkalized water (KW

We have been helping people now for about 4 years educating them and pointing them in the right direction so they can research their medical issues and the root of their problem.

Once you find the root of why you have the medical issues then you can do something about it and reverse it.

Case study:

The Journal of International Medical Research

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Bill & Emily Mabry


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