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Molecular Hydrogen H2 alkaline water vs. Doctors

March 13, 2015

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Molecular Hydrogen H2 alkaline water vs. Doctors

Why are you letting your doctor intimidate you when it is your life on the line?

In the last 3.5 years, Emily and I have been involved with hundreds of people who are experiencing some type of major medical issues. Some of them have been taking pharmaceutical drugs for years, when we ask them how they are doing taking the drugs the answer is always the same, they are not working.

Emily will then educate them on how to do their own research on the drugs they are taking on the side affects. Once they understand the side affects they then realize these drugs will never help their issues.

Question they ask us, what do we do now our doctors keeps giving us drugs. First, you need to find out why you have what you have, once you understand the cause you then can fix it. There has to be a starting point, we always start by changing the type of water they are drinking to hydrogen H2 alkaline water and educating them why this is so important.

And of course, we have them drink hydrogen H2 alkaline rich water, this water is known to be therapeutic to the body and it has hundreds of case studies proving it, if your doctor really cares about you and your health and not your wallet he will educated himself on hydrogen H2 alkaline water as a platform.

Sadly, to say most doctors only care about how much money they will make off of you being sick and giving you more drugs. The sad part is most of them know the truth and are unable to tell you, why? They will lose their license thanks to the AMA.

I have been asked before why did you not become a western doctor my answer I want to be able to sleep at night.

Many times, we have talked to people with cancers who are being intimidated by the doctors to do chemo and radiation knowingly this treatment can cause cancer and most of the time it does not even work, question is why are they scaring the patients saying if you do not do the treatment you will die. The answer is very simple there is a motive greed and money, do your own investigation on this. If you want to be kicked out of the office, ask your doctor how much of his salary is from chemo and radiation. Before you make a decision on doing chemo and or radiation, it is your life never listen to anybody when it comes to making a life decisions do your own research.

The benefits on treating hundreds of disease and case studies on molecular hydrogen H2 were introduced to us back in 2007 here in the Untied States, the studies really started in the 1700s. It is so new most medical professionals no nothing about it.

If any medical professional tells you that molecular hydrogen h2 alkaline water is snake oil, have him explain to you why are there hundreds of case studies proving by drinking hydrogen H2 alkaline water has a health benefit affect on the human body. The doctors can go on line and google molecular hydrogen H2 and see the case studies it is that simple but they do not.

I am giving you a link to one of the studies on how molecular hydrogen H2 alkaline water helps any one who decide to do chemo or radiation or both.

Take the time and read it and do your own research.

Molecular hydrogen H2 helps with chemo side effects.

Free information go to


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