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I am doing everything right and still I cannot lose that extra Belly Fat.

March 1, 2015

10440823_256692437854333_1593366764944306089_nH2 water

I am doing everything right and still I cannot lose that extra Belly Fat.

I here this all the time, I am doing everything right doing an hour of cardio every day eating clean and I still cannot seem to get the body fat off, I just want to give up.

Let us see if I can give you something that will help you understand why you are having such a hard time and why most trainers are missing the most important link for their clients.

What about those trainers that are having you buy hundreds of dollars worth of supplements that are supposed to help you lose body fat or they are giving fat burners.

You are wasting your money, they will do more damage then good.

First of all stop taking any and all fat burners! You will cause metabolic damage to your body and that means you will damage your hormones, you can ask my wife about that.

You need to find a coach that is educated in how the digestive system actually works and how important it is for you to understand acid/alkaline imbalance. He also needs to explain to you why is utilization more important then consumption.

You also need a coach that understands the root of the problem and why is the body holding on to the fat. Actually, the answer to that is simple if and only if that coach is educated in molecular hydration.

First of all excessive exercising produces free radicals, like doing an hour of cardio or weight training for hours. Free radicals are what is damaging the cells and causing you to be sore. Not only are you getting free radicals from exercising you are also breathing it in the air (toxic chemicals floating in the air) and what about the processed foods you are eating, lots of free radicals and the bottled water you bought at the health food store in a plastic bottle (toxic chemicals from the plastic).

Do you see where this is going, your body is full of free radicals that are causing damage to your cells and your DNA. The only thing that is able to neutralize those free radicals is antioxidants and you are not consuming enough of them to neutralize them, your body is to acidic. You have to be taking in enough antioxidant daily to keep up with your activities and the environmental toxins that you are living in, you just cannot get away from it, it is part of life.

The good news is you can fight it, I will give you the missing link along with some case studies that prove it works, and it is up to you to do your own research.

You need to know this the body knows how to protect itself from environmental toxins and the excessive toxins you are producing when exercising, almost forgot to tell you there is a separate free radical that the body will produce if it is overly acidic it is called a hydroxyl radical it is the most dangerous free radical in the body. Excessive exercising is one of the ways you will produce this free radical and there is only one antioxidant out there that will neutralize it, actually it will turn it into water at the cellular level. I will tell you what it is in a moment, you will most likely be shocked.. The body will protect itself from the high acidity by storing the excessive acidity in fat cells, so the more acidic you are the more fat cells you will produce.

The question is how do we change our body from an acidic environment to a healthy alkaline environment to stop producing fat cells.

It is actually simple; all you need to do is start by changing the water you are drinking, yep that’s it. You need to be drinking dissolved hydrogen H2 alkaline rich water; it is therapeutic to the body. If you where to goggle Molecular Hydrogen H2 you will find hundreds of case studies showing the benefits of drinking dissolved hydrogen alkaline rich water and how it helps many diseases.

Dissolved hydrogen h2 alkaline water acts as a very powerful antioxidant, it is the smallest antioxidant in existence; this is the only antioxidant that will neutralize the most dangerous free radical in our body. Dissolved hydrogen h2 will actually turn the free radical into water in our cells. Amazing! As you can see in the picture below, it is even smaller then those antioxidants, that is why it is the only antioxidant that can neutralize the hydroxyl radical.

antioxidants H2

If you need some research on that, here you go.

Molecular Hydrogen 101 electronic

Why are so many professional athletes and teams drinking dissolved hydrogen alkaline rich water? Because it works, so why do people blow this off? One reason is it is to simple.

sport temas 2Noble prize winner molecular hydrogen H2 rich water for athletes

In closing look for a trainer that is educated in dissolved hydrogen h2 alkaline rich water. Change the type of water you are drinking and see for yourself. I have to warn you, you cannot buy this water in any health store unless they have the device that makes it.

If you want more information, go to

Bill & Emily Mabry
Molecular Hydration Specialist


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