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Hydrogen H2 Rich Water Is Therapeutic To The Body

December 31, 2014

H2 water

This may be one of the most important preventive health articles you will ever read. Please read on.

Alkaline ionized water is not only a powerful anti-oxidant, fights inflammation, but now is also proven to have therapeutic health benefits because it contains diatomic molecular hydrogen.

We recently learned that the most important number related to our water is not pH or ORP. In fact, the most important number in health and wellness may not be your PSA, cholesterol or blood pressure. The most important number is the Number 1 on the Table of Periodic Elements, Hydrogen. To be more specific diatomic molecular hydrogen. That tiny, pervasive, immensely powerful hydrogen. It turns out that this has been the magic in Kangen water.

About three years ago, my wife and I were introduced to Kangen water, but just recently learned the truth why so many people are feeling the therapeutic affects of drinking Kangen water; it is all because of the concept of molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen H2 is just that; a molecule comprised of two hydrogen atoms. It goes by various names, but is most easily referred to as simply H2. We always knew about H2 because electric ionizers create it at the cathode during electrolysis along with OH-. The research had always pointed to the OH- as the important product of the process, now research is showing that H2 molecules could possibly be more important, you still need the antioxidant properties of OH- molecules, this is why Kangen water is so powerful.

More recent research in Japan and Korea and Universities has confirmed that what makes Kangen water so powerful is, in fact, H2. There are over 350 peer-reviewed articles that have been published in reputable scientific journals such as Science and Nature, pointing to therapeutic health benefits of H2 in 138 disease models. A good portion of the research can be seen at under the “Studies” tab on the main navigation.

Research on Hydrogen H2

Alkaline Water Ionizers and Molecular Hydrogen
ALL electric water ionizers produce H2 at the cathode, some with higher concentrations than others. Kangen water is a certified medical device in Japan and is one of the best ionizer that will produce some of the highest concentration of molecular hydrogen H2. The Enagic water ionizer machine have been tested and are among the ones that contain the highest H2 saturation level and has been around the longest for over 40 years. It is believed that ionized alkaline H2 water is still one of the simplest and affective ways to deliver H2 water to the body.

A Brief History of Molecular Hydrogen

The medicinal properties of molecular hydrogen appear to be promoted as early as 1798. Many years later in 1975, the departments of Biology and Chemistry from the prestigious Baylor University and Texas A&M; published a great article on the potential use of molecular hydrogen in medicine in the premier peer-reviewed journal of Science. However, it wasn’t until 2007, when an article was published in Nature Medicine, which showed the selective antioxidant properties and antiapoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of molecular hydrogen, that the bio-medical field took strong interest in hydrogen’s therapeutic potential.

Prior to 2007, only 50 articles were published regarding hydrogen as a medical gas, compared to over 300 articles within the past seven years. Perhaps the main reason why it is only recently that molecular hydrogen is being recognized as a therapeutic molecule is because of scientific skepticism. It is difficult to believe diatomic molecular hydrogen could have any therapeutic effects because it is generally considered to be an inert gas.

You cannot buy Hydrogen H2 rich water at the health food stores; it cannot be bottled in plastic bottles, as it will dissipate very quickly. It has to be drunk straight out of the machine in order to get the most concentrated levels.

Any plastic water bottles that says 8.5 or 9.5 alkaline water is not telling you the real truth, here is where you need to be careful, not all alkaline water are the same, you have therapeutic alkaline water rich in H2 molecules then you have the alkaline bottle water full of toxic chemicals.

Those alkaline water bottles are missing the –ORP (OH-) molecules, and you are missing H2 molecules. The bottle water that say alkaline are toxic to the body. Go to to see the truth.

For more information go to

Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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  1. Mark Fairbanks permalink

    I really enjoyed reading your post, very informative and exciting. I am wondering if you could direct me to where I can read more about how enagic machines were found to have some of the highest concentrations of H2 saturation? I would very much appreciate it. You are completely right, the therapeutic benifits primarily come from Hydrogen gas which is why I’d love to learn more about what concentrations of H2 are founded in electrolysed reduced water made by enagic ionizers.

    Dr. Fairbanks DDS

    • Thanks for the comment Mark, you can look up the history of Enagic, how the device is manufactured, why is it used in so many Japanese hospitals, you can also go to Dr. shynia books he wrote he is one of the founders of the colonoscopy why he has been using Enagic devices for decades on his cancer patients. In the 5 years of I have been giving electrolyzed reduced water to my clients,I have learned that even small amounts of H2 has health benefits it takes a little more time but is still works, of course they have to change the way they eat also, ERW is only a piece of the puzzle, you need the whole health puzzle to have true health.

      • Mark Fairbanks permalink

        Thank you for your response. I have been researching enagics history, manufacturing, hospital use, and medical advocates such as Dr. Shynia, Dr. Tim McKnight and others. I haven’t read Dr. Shynia’s book but I have read Dr. McKnights “confessions of a skeptical physician”. I am yet to come across Hydrogen gas concentrations in the water. You state in your article “the enagic water ionizer machine have been tested and are among the ones that contain the highest H2 saturation level” I am wondering if you could give me a reference for that statement. Thank you in advance.

        Dr. Fairbanks

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