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How does this make since to anybody?

December 17, 2014


How does this make since to anybody?

Tell me how this makes since. We are working with a client who has cancer for the second time, she was told back in may she had cancer, ask the doctor how could I get cancer again when 8 years ago I was told I was cancer free, these types of stories are very common. The first issue is the answer the doctor gave her, I don’t know, some of the most famous doctors in the world know how she got cancer again, it is called acidosis, the problem was nobody ever told her she needed to change her eating habits, and her life style.

Most of you know, who have read my posts in the past about cancer I am totally against chemo and radiation treatments, why in the world would you put the most toxic chemical that the medical industry has into a body that is already sick, what sucks even the medical professionals know that chemo and radiation causes cancer, don’t let your doctor scare you into doing chemo and radiation treatment, do your own research first, ask your doctor can this treatment cause cancer.

Our client has been going in for chemo every Monday since last May, here it is Dec. When I first got the call to meet with her, I asked her, what type of eating platform did they put you on, her answer, none. My wife and I educated her on what she needed to do, and how she was to eat.

The first thing I do is change the type of water they drink, I have them on Molecular Hydrogen (H2) water (Kangen water), and she has been drinking it for about 50 days.

Last Monday she got her test results back on her markers. Here numbers went from 345 down to 150, here is the kicker, they told her, the numbers are dropping so lets keep poisoning your body, those of us that are educated in acid/alkaline imbalance know that by her changing her diet her own immune system attacked the cancer cells, that is why her numbers dropped.

Even though she was doing chemo, research has shown that molecular hydrogen (H2) water will help cancer patients.

It sadden me that people do not take the time to do their own research, and they think that doctors are second to God, doctors are humans they also get cancer and they also die from cancer, you might be surprised to know that doctors also will look into natural medicine before they will do the chemo thing.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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