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Goal setting for 2015 Lets make it a better Year

December 4, 2014

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Lets make it a Better Year Let us talk more about goal setting; we talked a little about this on our team call on Tuesday.

All successful people set goals, we are no different. 2014 is almost over it is time to get ready for 2015, you need to start today by setting your goals.

Look at what you have done in 2014, if you are not happy with what you have accomplished in 2014 or you want to financially change then set your goals and get to work, the biggest problem people have is they make excuses or they run into a road block or someone tears down there dream and they give up or quit.

Like I said look at your 2014 if you are not happy with it only you can change it in 2015. You are involved in one of the fastest growing business in the United States, the Health industry, you have something that is solid, it actually works, you have a way to help many people, and you have a way to change financially.

You have to stay solid even though your family and friends or however is trying to destroy your dream.

Enagic Kangen water medical device will be a household appliance soon, why because the water supply in the United States is so bad people are looking for an alternative.

These are my goals as an example:

We want to help as many families as possible by educating them on how important alkalized water is for their health along with the foods they are eating. We want to reach 6A2 by Dec 31 2015, this will help is financially so we have the time to help people reach their health goals.

We want to get a Enagic Kangen water medical device into the homes of 3 families per month.

We are going to share free water to a least 6 families per month.

Those who are looking for a Home base business in the health industry, we want to help them get started, our goal is to work with 6 people in 2015 only those who are really interested in changing their way of life and are focused on helping families change their health.

We want people that make no excuses and will not quit, set a goal to do this for two years.

We are going to look for events in the area to do a booth, this will get us out there among the public.

We are also going to attend as many Enagic events as possible, this is what helped Emily and I to become a 6A, by us reaching 6A it financially gave us the time to help others. This is called continual education.

This 2015 I will be using the Healthy Living newspaper with my contact info, putting them out all over our town.

If you would like to change your 2015 you can contact me it is that simple or not and follow that same path.

Bill & Emily Mabry

Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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