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Why do Professional Athletes and Celebrities love alkalized Water.

November 29, 2014

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Why do Professional Athletes and Celebrities love alkalized Water.

Why are so many celebrities, professional teams, and professional athletes here in the United States feeling the benefits from drinking alkalized Kangen water? Why has the Japanese been using alkalized water (Kangen water) for over 40 years in their hospitals and on their sick patients, simple answer because it works?

We are going to talk a little science today, why the structure of alkalize water (Kangen water) is so different then the bottle water, tap water and any sports drinks including the famous Gatorade that so many of our young kids are drinking, thinking it is good for them because they think it is replacing the electrolytes back into the body after exercising. The truth is, it is very acidic to the body and actually dehydrates you, do you want to know the truth watch this short video

I am posting two pictures for you to observe, the first one is the picture of a cell, and you have around 75+ trillion of these in your body. The other picture is of two types of water molecules, you have your common water like bottle water, tap water, sports drinks, sodas, well water etc, they will always be in large clusters of water molecules of about 25-50 molecules and they will have a positive charge to them, very acidic to the body.

Then you have alkalized water that are in small clusters of around 3-6 molecules, they will have a negative charge to them witch is alkaline to the body, very healthy for you.

The pictures pretty much tell the story. If you look at the cell, you can see small little water channels, look very close those are very narrow channels for water to fit threw right. Now look at the water molecules in the water you have been drinking all these years, doesn’t make since why you might be dehydrated even though you have been drinking a lot of bottle water. Or how about when you drink bottle water down fast, most people will fell bloated, try to go run after drinking a couple of bottle waters see how you feel. The molecules are just too big to get inside the cell and it is going right to your stomach.

Now the little water, that is what I like to call it, is in much smaller molecules, it can fit threw the narrow water channels and hydrate the cell, not only hydrate the cell it will also carry oxygen into the cell and nutrients much more efficiently.

This is a big reason why the professional athletes love this water; it helps with their recovery after a hard training session.

Did you know that you have little generators in your cells, when people start to drink alkalized water (Kangen water) they get more energy then they have had in the past. The little water is able to flow threw the cell with no effort and generate energy.

Why are the Japanese hospitals using alkalized water on their patients, because of the structure of the water it has the ability to detoxify you daily that means it is flushing out the toxic waste in your 75+ trillion cells daily. The root of all degenerative diseases is acidosis, by drinking alkalized water you are alkalizing your body, degenerative diseases cannot live in an alkaline body. Dr. OTTO WARBURG Noble prizewinner, he has not been proven wrong yet.

One other thing I would like to mention, if you look at the picture again of those little water channels in the cell, this was only discovered recently in the early 1990, not to many medical professionals know about this, just like not to many people know about alkalized water (Kangen water) let me re say that, not to many people in the United States, other countries have been doing research on alkalized water for decades.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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