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Here is your quick fix for a healthy Life Style

October 1, 2014

Green Vibranceproduct_sd501

I just gave you a quick fix to be able to live a healthier lifestyle

I have come to realize that most Americans will not research or educate themselves on how to have a healthier lifestyle for themselves or for there families.

There seems to always be some type of excuses why they just don’t have the time so they deal with the medical issues they have by taking some type of drug that the doctors tells them this will help, most of them will not even check to see the side affects of the drug they are taking.

What they are looking for is a quick fix, or something that is simple.

I am about to give you your quick fix, and it is so simple you should not have any excuses not to do it.

First, let me explain what actually will help your body heal any degenerative diseases you have.

It is your own immune system, not drug or any lotions and potions. You build your immune system by giving it live antioxidants like alkalize water (Kangen water) fresh fruits and vegetables free from any pesticides or any toxic chemicals, don’t think your organic foods are free from toxic chemicals, they are not, you have to use high 11.5 alkaline water that comes out of the medical device Enagic.

Doctors and researchers have proven you have to but your body in and alkaline environment to fight off diseases and that is with live antioxidants every single day, you have to bombard the immune system with live antioxidants to keep it strong. Because of today’s environmental toxins that you are exposed to daily, the immune system needs a major boost.

How do you keep it simple, by drinking 10 to 15 glasses of 9.5 alkaline water (Kangen water) and taking? Green Vibrance ( vibrance Health) powder 3 times a day in the 9.5 kangen water.

This will help build your immune system to fight off all diseases.

Stop eating so many processed foods, get off all sodas and sports drinks.

There it is simple way to have a healthier lifestyle.

Free information go to

Bill & Emily Mabry


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