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Why are our bodies healing so slowly? Read this post for the answer.

September 24, 2014

voltage in the body

Why are our bodies healing so slowly? Read this post for the answer.

Why is it so hard for us who have worked in the health and wellness industry along with medical professionals having such a hard time looking at alternative medicine as a way to help people?

For me it was because I thought I new a lot, when someone came to me and told me that there are different structures of water and by drinking water that has a negative charge, it will help in recovery after a hard training session and it also helps to build the immune system which helps heal the body. Yea right, what are you going to teach me about water, water has always been the platform of my health program, little did I know I was poisoning my clients with aquafina bottle water?

It was my wife who showed me how important live water is for the body (water that has a negative charge to it) she told me you have to drink this water, when medical issues started to clear up in my body in just a few days I had to look into this water deeper the rest is history, can not live without.

The bottom line is she is the one who changed are families lives for the rest of our lives, just by changing the type of water we were drinking.

All the education we have in health no one ever taught us acid/alkaline imbalance, nor did they teach us that the negative charge in your body has a huge part in healing, this blow me away. When I bring this up to medical professionals, most of them had no real training in the voltage of the body.

I had no idea that when the voltage of your body drops down around positive 20 degenerative diseases start to develop.

I had no idea that when you cut yourself or hurt yourself that your body needs to be at a negative 50 to heal. No body ever told me that you need alkaline minerals stored up in your body to be able to even get a voltage of negative 50, if you do not have enough alkaline minerals stored up you will never get your voltage high enough to reach negative 50, that is why old people heal so slow, they are dehydrated.

No body ever told me that all bottle water, sodas, sports drinks, tap water are all positive charged or dead water, and live water has a negative charge like Kangen water with ionic alkaline minerals.

To be healthy your charge in your body needs to be around a negative 20 to 25 an athlete is at -40 to -50.

Our country is one of the sickest countries in the world, could it be because of the water we are drinking and all the processed foods our children are eating. Really think about this and educate yourself go to and start here.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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