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The power of Kangen water and recovery after a hard and heavy training session.

September 19, 2014


The power of Kangen water and recovery after a hard and heavy training session.

Update on Emily and I new workout, to recap we are training each body part with a max set as our last exercise on each body part and doing a one count pause on the positive movement, had to drop down on my weights to be able to complete workout when we first started. We are also doing 30 min of interval cardio after we train, reaching our heart rate max. Training with weights 5 days a week and doing cardio 6 days a week.

Those of you that know about training, this type of training you would normally over train lose muscle mass, fatigue; you would be to sore before the next training session, I know it sounds crazy and most of you are thinking we are setting our selves up to injury, this is something I need to do for my research, I am looking to see how well Kangen water works on an extreme training program, how the proper hydration with the right water works on muscle recovery, I have a hydration protocol I am following, after our research I will let you know what it is.

We are three weeks into it still not getting sore, still recovering within an hour after we have trained. Increasing strength just did 100# flat dumbbell with a one-count pause at the bottom five times, try that one kids, going up in weight on all body parts.

My diet is basically the same, changed a little now 95% vegetable protein, around 75grams of vegetable protein per day not your traditional 1 gram of meat protein per pound.

Think about this, utilization is more important then consumption, what does that mean.

We clean our fruits and vegetables with high 11.5 kangen alkaline water so our foods are pesticide free, which means our body does not have to work so hard to neutralize the toxic chemicals in our bodies.

Because we are hydrating ourselves with high 9.5 kangen water we are able to flush out the metabolic waste our body produces during a hard training session very quickly that is why we are able to train the same body part every day, of course I know time will tell, how long can we keep this up that is my research.

Hint: I am also hitting all three energy sources during training, does anyone know what they are.

In a couple weeks, we will update you again.

For those of you that do not know us I am closing in on 63 years old and Emily will be 60 here very soon.

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