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United States one of the sickest countries in the world

August 26, 2014

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United States one of the sickest countries in the world

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The American people need to change their mind set about their health. It is sad to see our country being one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. Most Americans put themselves and their families health at the bottom of the to do list. They feel that money and materials things are more important. If you do not have your health, all that money and all those toys you have will not really matter, because you are to sick to enjoy them.

There are people out there just like us trying to change the American peoples mind set about health one family at a time, nothing is going to stop us.

The first place you need to start is educating yourself on the type of water you are drinking, you see, your body is 75% water, your brain is 80% water, your blood is 95% water, if you are drinking water that is contaminated with toxic chemicals like, bottle water tap water, those organs are full of toxic chemicals.

Degenerative diseases do not happen over night people, it happens over time. Think about this, when the FDA and the CDC says, that little bit of toxic chemicals in the water you drink and the pesticides on all your fruits and vegetables, there is not enough there to hurt you, “really” what about over years of consuming foods and drinking water with toxic chemicals where do you think it is all stored in, your cells and tissues.

Let me say it again degenerative diseases do not happen over night.

You make the choice where your health should be on your to do list.

Most of us know who Steve Jobs is, we all can agree that he had plenty of money to have the best doctors and treatment that money could buy, but yet he still died of a degenerative disease, no amount of money was able to help him.

I hope you make the right choice.

To see the truth about the type of water you are drinking go to
For free information go to

Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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