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Do you want to reach your maximum potential on your training; you may want to read this.

August 13, 2014


Do you want to reach your maximum potential on your training; you may want to read this.

Those of you that are athletes or you are training to stay in shape and lose some of that extra body fat.

You might want to read this post.

For the last 2.5 years, my wife and I have been doing research on how important dissolved hydrogen rich water is for the body when it comes to recovering after a hard training session.

The key to all this is the proper hydration with the proper water dissolved hydrogen alkaline water.

What better subjects to use then two broken down old bodies like ours, I mean old she is now 60 and I am 62.

For me I had some major issues with my body, two arthritic shoulders due to the years of heavy training. My shoulders were so sever 3.5 years ago I had to quit training and surfing completely, I was not going to get surgery so I just quit, the bottom line was inflammation in my joints, I was not able to sleep a complete night due to the pain.

I then was introduced to dissolved hydrogen alkaline rich water (kangen water), our lives were completely change when I started to drink this water a long with educating our selves on how important the pH balance of the body is for complete health and how this water is able to flush out inflammation and hydrate the body more efficiently then any water out there.

You cannot live with out water, so why don’t  we know more about it.

Why wasn’t I taught this in school? Why wasn’t I taught that dissolved hydrogen alkaline water was therapeutic to the body and because it is the smallest molecule in existence it is able to absorb into the cells more efficiently ?

Two weeks after starting to drink this water, I was back into the gym and surfing, 90 days I was back training heavy, In 1 year I was doing weights that most 62-year-old men cannot do. I was no longer in pain as long as I drank my 1+ gal per day.

Through all this, Emily and I came up with a protocol on hydrating the body to its fullest. Hydrating with the proper water will help you recover much faster and improve your training. You follow this you will see the changes.

You must be drinking dissolved hydrogen alkaline rich water( kangen water) because it is able to neutralize the most dangerous free radical in the body called a hydroxyl radical. The only antioxidant that can neutralize the hydroxyl radical. Excessive exercising and over acidity of the body produces this free radical, that is why you get sore and it does it at the cellular level.

You must drink a min of 1 gallon of Kangen water per day, no sodas, and no sports drinks.

When you first wake up you have 16 oz of water, wait 5 min have another 16 oz of water with ¼ tsp of real sea salts that has the trace minerals in it. Just before you start your training session, have 16 oz of Kangen water with ¼ tsp of real sea salt, drink Kangen water as you train.

As soon as you are done with your training have another 16 oz of dissolved hydrogen alkaline rich water with ¼ tsp of real sea salt, this is the best recovery dink on the plant remember what I said you have to neutralize the free radicals before it does damage to the muscle, does that make sense, there is no other recovery drink out there that can neutralize the hydroxyl radical.

Study on the hydroxyl Radical

When Emily and I train in the am, we will have ¼ tsp of real sea salt at around 3:00 pm to boost my energy up.

If you do not be leave how important hydration is and how it plays a big part in your performance then listen to this guy.

Super bowl winners Seattle seahawks interview with Shan Stratton on kangen water
Skeptical about kangen water, So were they(athletes)

Follow this for 90 days and see what happens.

Free information go to

Go to to see the truth about how bad your water is

Bill & Emily Mabry

Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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