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Dangers of Heavy Metal Toxins

July 5, 2014


Dangers of Heavy Metal Toxins

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If you keep up with my posts, you may already know about the dangers of heavy metal toxins. You may know that heavy metals can cause joint pain, fatigue, “brain fog” and other health problems.

And you may know about supplements and treatments that help detoxify your body by eliminating the heavy metals.

Did you know one of the best ways to detoxify those metals out of your cells is by drinking alkalizing water?

You have to understand when taking supplements it has to go threw the digestive system first, how much of that supplement is your body utilizing, not much.

Alkalized water does not have to go threw the digestive system, as soon as it touches your lips it starts to absorbed into the body and by the time it hits the stomach wall it is almost gone, that is way you do not have that full feeling after a couple of glasses of alkalize water.

Did you know that removing heavy metals from your body is not enough to regain your health?

That’s because even after the toxic metals are gone, the damage they’ve done still remains. And until you repair that damage, your health will continue to suffer.

Without the repairs, your joints may still ache… your mind may still react and remember slower than it used to… and you may still feel tired, fatigued and worn-out.


This is a story about a patient of Robert J. Rowen, MD

When she first came to my office, Brenda was in bad shape. She knew she was in a doctor’s office… but she couldn’t remember which doctor she was seeing, or why she was there. Her husband had to remind her.

When her appointment time came, Brenda needed her husband’s help to rise from her seat. She leaned on him for balance and support as she slowly made her way to the exam room. Once in the exam room, she was so weak and fatigued that she needed help lifting her legs onto the exam table. Brenda even apologized for the “Ben Gay smell,” and explained that she just wanted to find a way to feel like herself again.

“Brain Fog,” Joint Pain, Fatigue and More…

Brenda explained that she had seen several doctors already, and had tried pills, stress management, and other remedies for relief. None of the recommendations worked for long. She felt like her doctors had decided her condition was “in her mind” and had stopped trying to help her get better.

I was too familiar with Brenda’s story. I had already seen hundreds of patients struggle with confusion, fatigue and pain, only to have their doctors give up on them. After examining Brenda and running some tests, I knew exactly what was wrong. Her body had been ravaged by heavy metal damage.Robert J. Rowen, MD

So, how do you flush out the toxic metals and repair the cells, am glade you asked that question.

One way is by detoxifying the body daily with restructured alkalized water, there are also supplements you can take a long with the water.

Because of the unique properties of alkalize water it has the ability to penetrate all trillion plus cells and flush out the toxic metals your body has built up, with every glass of alkalize water you are flooding your body with antioxidants, how important are antioxidants when it comes to repairing the cells after they have been damaged by the toxic metals?

Beyond Prevention and Protection:

Antioxidant Reverses Damage to Brain Cells

You probably already know that antioxidants protect our cells from being damaged by free radicals. But did you know that one antioxidant goes beyond prevention and protection? Antioxidants are so powerful it actually reverses damage to the brain.

How well does it work to reverse damage to the brain? To find out, scientists cut off blood flow and oxygen to the brains of a group of rats. Later, they restored blood flow and then examined the effect. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of damage… in fact, 80% of the rats died within 24 hours.

But here’s something amazing. A second group of rats also had blood flow cut off from their brains. But this group of rats received antioxidant when their blood flow was restored.

Scientists were floored when 75% of this group of rats made a complete recovery. What’s more, their brains showed no sign of damage whatsoever. Amazing!

If antioxidant can repair brain cells after such extreme and deliberate damage… it will work wonders for brains that are experiencing the “every day” damage that leads to “brain fog,” memory problems and slowed mental response.

The liver is your body’s primary defense against heavy metals and other toxins. So doesn’t it make sense to keep your liver in top shape? Of course it does. The better your liver functions, the better all of the ingredients will work to eliminate toxins from your body.

Until recently detoxify and antioxidant treatment were unheard of. More and more doctors are realizing how important the right water is for detoxifying the toxic chemicals out of our cells on a daily bases and the importance of antioxidants for repairing the cells.

We can’t forget one of the most important jobs that antioxidants has, it will strengthen your immune system. With a strong immune system, you will be able to fight off degenerative diseases.

One of the best sources of antioxidants is alkalize water, for every glass you drink; you are flooding your body with millions of antioxidants.

You have to drink water anyway so why not drink the best, kangen water.

Something you might want to think about before buying an ionized machine. Is that machine a medical device and has it been around for decades, See, there is only one machine out there that is a medical device that I would let my family and friends drink water out of and that is an Enagic kangen water machine. For the answer, watch this video

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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