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June 24, 2014


The Miracle of Alkalinity fighting Diseases

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This is so very cool- We have been working with a 56-year-old man with kidney failure about ready to go on dialysis, after finding out what it takes when you start dialysis he did not want to go that way. What is sad was over medicating him with his blood sugar medication caused his kidneys to start to fail.

A friend of his told him he might want to try this technology that Japan has be using for decades and it seems to help a lot of people with major medical issues called kangen water, at this point he would try anything if it would help him.

One of the first things we did was educate him about acid/alkaline imbalance and how the root to all diseases is an acidic body. We had him watch so he would understand how bad the water is he was drinking and why so many people were feeling the healing affects when drinking kangen water. The first thing we did was change the type of water he was drinking.

The other issue he had was marsa a flesh eating disease that he caught while in the hospital. They told him if they could not stop it, they would have to take his foot off.

It has now been 4 weeks drinking kangen water he was told by his doctor that if his numbers keep dropping he will not have to go on dialysis he has started to drink 1.5 gal per day of kangen water to make sure his numbers keep dropping.

I was also told today 6/24/14 that the marsa went from 4 centimeters deep to 2 centimeters, that is huge.

I also explained to him kangen water is not curing you it is just a tool to build up your immune system, your immune system is stronger, your own immune system is healing your body.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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