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Proper Hydration with the Right Alkaline water can help reverse aging this is how.

June 14, 2014

To older women

Proper Hydration with the Right Alkaline water can help reverse aging this is how.

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Here is the simple process of aging. Every living cell within our body creates waste products. The nutrients from our food are delivered to each cell and they burn with oxygen to provide energy for us to live. The burned nutrients are the waste products. Whether you eat gourmet or junk food, all food generates waste products. The food that is either good or bad for you is determined by the amount and quality of the wastes produced toxic, acid, alkaline, etc. Most of our cells go through metabolism and old dead cells become waste products.

These waste products must be discharged from our body. In fact, our body tries its best to dispose of them through urine and perspiration. Virtually all waste products are acidic; that is why urine is acidic and skin surface is acidic. The problem is that, due to several reasons, our body cannot get rid of 100% of the waste products it produces.

The main reason for this is our life style. We stay up late and get up early. We do not take time to rest; some of us work more than one job. We, therefore, spend more time producing waste products than processing and discharging them.

The second reason is food. Most of the food we like is mainly acidic. Acidic food does not necessarily mean that it tastes acidic, but that the wastes it produces are acidic. Grains and meats are mainly acidic; fruits and vegetables are alkaline. Citric fruits may taste acidic but they are considered to be alkaline because they contain alkaline minerals.

The third reason is our environment. More healthy cells are killed by air, water and soil pollution than the natural death of cells caused by normal metabolism. Thus, more waste products are created.

The question is: “What happens to those non-disposed acidic waste products?” The answer is simple. These waste products become solid wastes, such as, cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, kidney stones, urates, phosphates, sulfates, etc., and, unknown to us, they accumulate and build-up somewhere within our body. This accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes within our body is the aging process

Alkaline neutralizes acid. Drinking healthy water can help our body dissolve acid wastes and makes it easier for the body to dispose of them safely. Since the accumulation of acid wastes is aging, the reduction of acid wastes is reverse aging. Alkaline water is not a medicine to cure any disease. However, if consumed regularly, alkaline water helps to gradually reduces the accumulated acid wastes. As a result of acid reduction, there are many reports of natural health improvement in Japan.

Decades of research has been done on why alkaline water helps reveres aging, books have been written about it.

Scientists at the Dana-Farber Institute (affiliated with Harvard University) have conducted research that they say has identified the root molecular cause of age-related decline. According to the senior author of the report, Ronald A. DePinho: “What we have found is the core pathway of aging connecting several age-related biological processes previously viewed as independent of each other”. The research, which was performed on mice, demonstrated that damage caused by aging could even be reversed by increasing levels of telomerase, the enzyme that maintains the health of the telomeres.

Alkaline Water for Reverse Aging

The study confirms that free radicals cause damage to cells and DNA which result in aging. While an effective telomerase therapy is not yet available, it is possible to fight the effects of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are believed to damage DNA and cells by oxidizing them – combining them with oxygen in a manner that is similar to rusting, which ultimately leads to their destruction.

A diet rich in antioxidants is one way that doctors state that we can fight the effects of aging in the body. An effective way of getting antioxidants is to drink alkaline water. Antioxidant minerals in food and alkaline water both work the same way, by preventing free radicals from oxidizing cells and DNA that have been exposed by telomeres breaking down.

All bottle water, tap water, sodas and sports drink are acidic to the body, and even those so called alkaline water you buy at the health food store are acidic to the body. In other words, by you drinking those waters your aging much faster.

To see how kangen water neutralizes free radicals or acid waste and help reverse aging watch this short video.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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