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“The Real Dangers of Drinking Bottle Water”

June 13, 2014

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“The Real Dangers of Drinking Bottle Water”

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You and your family are drinking bottle water daily, your brain is 80% water, your body is 75% water and your blood is 95% water, what ever is in the water is in your organs. Every glass of tap water or bottle water you are drinking you are slowly poisoning you and your family.

The CDC came out with this; this is a “warning”

People with compromised immune systems may want to take special precautions with the water they drink. In healthy individuals, the parasite Cryptosporidium can cause illness; however, for those with weakened immune systems, it can cause severe illness and possibly death.

We know that the majority of Americans have a weakened immune system because of the American diet, why do you think degenerative diseases are on the rise with our kids at such a young age. This is a no brainier why would you even want to take a chance and drink bottle water or tap water.

The presence of contaminants in water can lead to adverse health effects, including gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders. Infants, young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people whose immune systems are compromised because of AIDS, chemotherapy, or transplant medications, may be especially susceptible to illness from some contaminants.

I personally talked to two chemists who worked at two different water treatment plants on two separate occasions. Both told me “Do not drink the city water” both said no matter how many times they try to filter the toxic chemicals out of the water it will still test positive for toxic chemicals, I will give you a hint of one of the contaminates they have found in our city water, I now call our city water poop water hint hint.

After readying further, you will realize that the groups that are supposed to watch the levels of contaminates really do not care, and be sides what makes you think small amounts of contaminates are ok to drink. Think about this, you drink bottle water and tap water daily say about 10 to 12 glasses per day, where do you think the toxic chemicals are going you are drinking, they are being stored in your cells and body. Those small amounts that you think is ok for you will build up over time, welcome to the world of cancer.

If that does not scare you what about your young childs small little body, how much more concentrated is the toxic chemicals in his or her body.

You keep drinking bottle water and tap water over time you or a family member will get some type of degenerative disease.

Dangers of bottle water video

Is there a way to reverse what you have done the answer is yes, Japan has come up with a technology they have been using for 40 years, it is a medical device that hooks up to your kitchen faucet and takes the contaminates out and converts your tap water into alkalized drinking water, they have made it affordable for the American people. Go to to see how it works. (kangen water)

Please read on, do your own investigation.

Tests on leading brands of bottled water turned up a variety of contaminants, including cancer-linked chemicals three times higher than California’s health standard, according to a study released Wednesday by an environmental advocacy group.

The findings challenge the popular impression — and marketing pitch — that bottled water is purer than tap water, the researchers say.

However, all the brands met federal health standards for drinking water. And most of the detected contaminants are common in tap water, too.

Lab tests detected 38 chemicals in 10 brands, with an average of eight contaminants found in each kind of bottled water. Tests showed coliform bacteria, caffeine, the pain reliever acetaminophen, fertilizer, solvents, plastic-making chemicals and the radioactive element strontium.

The two-year study was done by the Washington-based Environmental Working Group, an organization founded by scientists that advocates stricter regulation. It bought bottled water in California, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Some of those chemicals, like arsenic and the solvent toluene, have been tied to health risks. Some of the contaminants apparently came from pollutants often found in tap water, and others probably leached from plastic bottles, the researchers said.

In the Wal-Mart and Giant Food bottled water, the highest concentration of chlorine byproducts, known as trihalomethanes, was over 35 parts per billion. California requires 10 parts per billion or less, and the industry’s International Bottled Water Association makes 10 its voluntary guideline. The federal limit is 80.

Water researcher Dr. David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment of the University at Albany, who had no role in the study, singled out trihalomethanes as the biggest concern because of strong research links to cancer.

“These are levels that should not be in bottled water,” he said.

“In some cases, it appears bottled water is no less polluted than tap water and, at 1,900 times the cost, consumers should expect better,” said Jane Houlihan, an environmental engineer who co-authored the study.

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