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How important is the Voltage of your Body for Fighting Diseases.

June 12, 2014


If you are on a whole food plant base diet or a vegan or vegetarian this information will help you understand why you are eating this way and why we need to get the public to understand how important it is to go to a whole food plant base diet.

Most medical professionals have know Idea how important it is to keep the voltage up in the body for good health, why do you think that is. Have you every had your doctor say, you need to make sure you keep the voltage up to -20 or higher in your body for good health.

Do you think your doctor knows that if your bodies voltage drops below a negative charge cancer starts to grow, read on.

The next time you go to your doctor ask him, how important is it to maintain voltage in my body for good health, you might be surprised, now educate your self so you can explain it to him.

The bottom line is you have to know and understand why it so important to keep the voltage up in your body to prevent someone in your family from getting some type of degenerative disease like cancer, cellular voltage is right up there with oxygen and active hydrogen in electrolyzed reduced water that is how important it is.

The best way to keep the voltage up is to be drinking active hydrogen (electrolyzed reduced water) and to be buying your fresh fruits and vegetables from a local market that way you are hoping the electrical charge in your fruits and vegetables are still there, that charge indicates there are antioxidants in the water and in your fruits and vegetables, with water it can not be chemically induced by putting certain man made minerals to induce the charge.

How important is the Voltage of your Body for Fighting Diseases, it is a factor that will determine when you may get a degenerative disease.

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The premise of “Healing is Voltage” is that wherever the body has low voltage, there is a problem that often manifests itself as chronic pain.Voltage is synonymous with pH. In fact, a voltmeter can be used to measure pH. The voltmeter has a range of from -800 millivolts (mv) to +1200 mv, positive voltage means the water is acidic for the body. Acid/alkaline imbalance is measured by the pH scale (which ranges from 0 to 14). A pH of between 0 and 6.9 is considered acid. A pH of 7.0 is neutral. A pH between 7.1 and 14 in considered alkaline. Cells are designed to operate at -22 mv, which is the equivalent of a pH of 7.35. Thus, ideally, our bodies should be slightly alkaline. A less than optimal pH will lead to cellular aging and the possible development of cancer, pain, inability to heal properly, infections, and general ill health.

“Healing is Voltage” by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

“The key to making chronic disease better is making a single cell work. If you give the body the things a single cell needs to work, the body often has the power to heal all of the cells of the body. That means you get well!”–Dr. Jerry Tennant

Maintaining an alkaline environment is a key to good health. As our voltage drops below -20 mv we begin to experience fatigue. As the voltage further drops (and thus the pH drops), we become prone to developing health problems. Cancer cells, for example, have a pH of about 6.3, as the voltage drops into the positive side of the pH scale cancer starts to

Please watch these two videos

Bob Wright founder & Director of the American anti-Cancer Institute

Dr Jerry Tennant – pH and Voltage – “Healing is Voltage”

Watch this short video see where your water you are drinking voltage is at.


pH is ultimately a measure of redox potential. Redox potential is a measure of whether electrons are available in surplus (and thus are “electron donors”) or whether electrons are deficient (and thus are “electron stealers”). Electrons are needed for health and for healing. As mentioned before, an optimal cellular pH of 7.35 = -20mv. The minus sign means electrons are in surplus and are available to be donated. If any water has a positive charge to it when you test it , it will steal electrons any water that test with a negative charge can donate electrons. If cells are injured, -50 mv is needed for healing. In other words, for healing to take place, a more alkaline environment (with even more electrons available then normal) is needed.

How do you get your Electrons, by eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are full of antioxidants, the problem with this is the toxic chemicals that on your foods.

Most Americans are eating processed foods with no nutritional value and no antioxidants, could this be why cancer and diabetes is on the rise with our children.

One of the simplest ways to get masses amount of antioxidants is by drinking active hydrogen in electrolyzed reduced water; with every glass of kangen water you drink, you are consuming millions of antioxidants that has a negative charge (OH- Ions), remember water does not have to go threw the digestive system and be digested, kangen water has a negative charge to it so the body will absorb it immediately.

What better way to keep your bodies voltage up to fight diseases by drinking electrolyzed reduced water, you have to drink water any way to stay alive so why not drink the best.

Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants, the problem is all your store bought fruits and vegetables have toxic chemicals on them and they have already oxidized because of how far they have been shipped, they have lost the electrical charge, and be sides it is impossible to eat enough fruits and vegetables to match the amount of antioxidants in 20 oz glass of kangen water.

So wouldn’t make since to drink 10-12 glasses of electrolyzed reduced water per day to keep your voltage up to fight off diseases, sounds to easy doesn’t , the problem is people don’t realize that it is that easy.

Bill & Emily Mabry
Wellness Coach/strenght & conditioning coach
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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