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Restructured Alkalize Water has been around since the Beginning of Time.

June 6, 2014

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Restructured Alkalize Water has been around since the Beginning of Time.

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This is interesting, the earliest recorded ionization(alkalize water) experiments date back to 1789 when Jan Rudolph Demiman and Adriaan Paets van Troostwij used a machine to produce alkalize water.

With all the decades of research and what you are, about to read why is it so hard for the medical professionals to realize the benefits of drinking restructured alkalize water for over all health.

One good reason is, they were not taught about the health benefits of restructured alkalize water in medical school, the other reason is the pharmaceutical companies do not want our medical doctors to know how restructured alkalize water helps the body in over all health.

The facts are out there, restructured alkalize water is the real deal, it cannot be denied that it helps the body to kill diseases, there is to much proof that shows how restructured alkalize water actually works.

Doctors have won noble prizes discovering an alkaline body kills cancer. Some of the most famous doctors out there have been using restructured alkalize water for decades on their patients with great results, they have not been proven wrong yet.

So how can a medical professional with no education about the chemistry of water nor does he understand acid/alkaline imbalance tell you it is snake oil.

You also need to understand that not all alkaline waters are the same, because of the three properties of alkalize water you can not buy it at any store that includes heath food stores.

Yes, I myself was ignorant toward this until I tried the water myself, and felt what it did for me and my family, the best part of it, it was free to try.

Please read on, and make your own decision.

The Hunza have the longest lifespan in the world and this has been traced as related to the water that they drink and their natural diet. Hunza water is an example of perfect natural water. Hunza has people who routinely live to 120-140 years, in good health with virtually no cancer, degenerative disease, dental caries or bone decay. Hunza people remain robust and strong and are also able to bear children even in old age. Research has proven conclusively that the major common denominator of the healthy long-living people is their local water.


One of history’s greatest scientists is Dr. Henri Coanda, the discoverer of fluid dynamics and the holder of more than 600 patents. Dr. Coanda became intrigued with the drinking water in the Hunza land high in the Karkorum Mountains just north of Pakistan where the typical life span is 120 to 140 years. After years of research, the aging Dr. Coanda found another scientist to carry forward his research. Dr. Coanda recognized the genius of 17-year-old science prodigy, Patrick Flanagan, when they worked together at a high level United States Defense Department “think tank” of prominent scientists. Young Patrick Flanagan had been featured in Life Magazine as one of the ten most promising scientists in America.

At 78, the retiring Dr. Coanda offered Patrick the records of his research in this legendary Fountain of Youth, and asked Patrick to carry on his life quest for the secret of longevity.

Restructured alkalize water

How can any body deny this as not being true, and call restructured alkalize water as snake oil.

Dr. Henri Coanda, the Romanian father of fluid dynamics and a Nobel Prize winner at 78 yrs old, spent six decades studying the Hunza water trying to determine what it was in this water that caused such beneficial effects for the body. He discovered that it had a different viscosity and surface tension. Dr. Patrick Flanagan and others continued the research. They found Hunza water had a high alkaline pH and an extraordinary amount of active hydrogen (hydrogen with an extra electron), with a negative Redox Potential and a high colloidal mineral content.

The water is living and provides health benefits that other types of drinking water cannot. Similar natural water properties and longevity are found in other remote unpolluted places such as the Shin-Chan areas of China, the Caucasus in Azerbaijan, and in the Andes Mountains.

Cardiologists Dr. Paul D. White and Dr. Edward G. Toomey, who made the difficult trip up the mountain paths to Hunza, toting along with them a portable, battery-operated electrocardiograph. In the American Heart Journal for December 1964, the doctors say they used the equipment to study 25 Hunza men, who were, “on fairly good evidence, between 90 and 110 years old.” Blood pressure and cholesterol levels were also tested. He reported that not one of these men showed a single sign of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

An optometrist, Dr. Allen E. Banik, also made the journey to Hunza to see for himself if the people were as healthy as they were reputed to be, and published his report in Hunza Land (Whitehorn Publishing Co., 1960). “It wasn’t long before I discovered that everything that I had read about perpetual life and health in this tiny country is true,” Dr. Banik declared. “I examined the eyes of some of Hunza’s oldest citizens and found them to be perfect.”

The King of Hunza Land was asked why their people live so long and he said, “It’s the Water.”

Sir Robert McCarrison (who died in 1960) spent some seven years in the Hunza Valley. Dr McCarrison was the resident surgeon and medical research worker for the British Army in Gilgit from 1904-1911. Gilgit is 68 miles (109 km) from Baltit. He was probably the first medically qualified Westerner to visit the Hunza Valley. In the publication ‘Studies in Deficiency Disease’, he said “My own experience provides an example of a race unsurpassed in perfection of physique and freedom from diseases in general …

Countries that still have restructures alkalize water naturally.

• Lourdes, France
• Nordenao, Germany
• Tlacote, Mexico
• Delhi, India
• Hunza, Hunzaland
• Alps

Restructured 9.5 alkalize drinking water that comes out of the Enagic machine (kangen water) has the same properties and structure as what the Hunza people are drinking.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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