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Modern antibiotics are not just failing big time; they are DANGEROUS.

May 28, 2014

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Modern antibiotics are not just failing big time; they are DANGEROUS.

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God gave you a mechanism to kill diseases and bacteria; it is called your immune system. But because of the western diet and the contaminates in the water you have been drinking, sodas and all the sports drinks, the pollution in the air you are breathing it has depressed the immune system, on top of that all the drugs people are taking.

Your immune system is too weak to fight off diseases and bacteria.

God also gave you a natural antibiotic that will feed the immune system, called antioxidants (anti-aging). You will find natural antioxidants in restructured alkaline water, you cannot buy true alkaline water in any store, you also have antioxidants in all fresh fruits and vegetables, but they have to be contaminant free from any toxic chemicals. Bottle water, tap water, all your fresh fruits and vegetables including organic foods and the air you breathe is contaminated.

The Japanese have discovered a technology that they have been using in their hospitals and in their homes for decades, they made it affordable so all humans can use it.

It is a medical device that will make high 9.5 restructured alkaline water, one of the best sources of antioxidants, for every glass of this water you drink you are getting millions of antioxidants that are free of toxic chemicals, you can not eat enough fruits and vegetables to match the amount of antioxidants in one 20 oz glass of kangen water.

This medical device also makes 11.5 high alkaline water that will clean the toxic chemicals off your fruits and vegetables watch the video it will show you why it works so well.

I have a real case story that just happened this Tuesday May 27, I will try to make it short, I have to tell you this because of the information below it ties in with it.

I received a phone call from a 56 year old man who has been battling medical issues for a long time, diabetes, high blood pressure, infections, and now kidney failure, remember he is 56 years old and has been in and out of the hospital for a long time , what kind of life is that, yes he is also on mega drugs that he now realizes they are not helping him, he actually found out that the antibiotic he was taking was what was causing his kidneys to fail, the doctors finally figured it out and took him off all antibiotics his kidney numbers started getting better, he told me he has had enough, that is way he contacted me, he wants to go the alternative way and the first thing we are doing is changing the type of water he has been drinking.

After sending him some information about how important the right type of water is for changing your body from an acid environment to more of a alkaline environment he realize this is what he needed it all made sense to him.

This is the link I sent him to watch

He will be out of the hospital today; we will start him on kangen water as soon as he gets home.

Did you know that some types of MRSA (a flesh eating bacteria) will not react to antibiotics, did you know that it is common to get the bacteria while you are in the hospital. Japanese hospitals have been using strong acidic water that has a pH of 2.5 from the same medical device that you make high 9.5 alkaline drinking water out of, the 2.5 kills 99.9% of all bacteria’s, it is just water not a chemical.

If you have some type of infection what is the next step a western doctor’s use, the doctor gives you an antibiotic, read on to see why drugs will not work.

Modern antibiotics are not just failing big time; they are DANGEROUS. Antibiotics can be lethal in their own right.

Did you know that antibiotics are the most common cause of death from acute liver failure? (Acute means sudden and unforeseen; as opposed to “chronic”, which everyone can see coming).
The truth, is statistics show that antibiotics are the single largest class of drugs that cause fatal liver damage.

Yes, antibiotics were the most common cause of death due to liver injury (45%). The next group, nervous system agents, were only 1/3rd as common (15%). That puts antibiotics way out on their own as deadly drugs.

Chief offenders are macrolides (erythromycin type), penicillins, clavulanic acid (Augmentin), tetracycline, and more.

A medical doctor stated I’m constantly amazed when I hear of colleagues prescribing erythromycin as a first line medicine for a sore throat. Don’t they know how toxic this stuff is?

It had a bad reputation when I was in med school in the 1960s. Doesn’t anybody pay attention? If it’s to be used at all, it’s in a life-threatening situation where penicillin’s and safer drugs have failed.

The bottom line is nobody should be thinking “antibiotics”. We should be thinking of “alternatives”. And here’s the joke: there are 1,000s of viable alternatives. Hundreds of them work as well as antibiotics.

The Golden Age of Antibiotics is over. Bacteria have won the war, hands down, and that is the truth. We’re all out of ammunition! The cupboard is bare.

Well not quite, you do have antioxidants but they have to be free of any toxic chemicals.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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