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“Amazing” The amount of pesticides in one cup of store bought frozen vegetables.

May 24, 2014

veggies washed in 11.5 alkaline water

“Amazing” The amount of pesticides in one cup of store bought frozen vegetables.

Please Share this Post, all families need to know about this families are being poisoned slowly.

Ok people if this does not open your eyes I don not know what else I can do. Look at it again this is what you and your family are eating; it is on all your fruits and veggies 60 to 80 different types of pesticides you cannot get away from it, even if you are eating organic.

We used our Enagic machine to produce 11.5 high alkaline water to wash all of our fruits and veggies, this is only 1 cup of frozen vegetables, that is a lot of pesticides for 1 cup, I had know idea it would be that bad.

Think about this, you are a child and you have been eating foods with this much pesticides for years , what do you think well happen when you reach the age of retirement, could this be why those care homes are so crowded, that’s not for me am going to be a healthy active old guy.

This is what is going into your kid’s body daily; know wonder why ADD, ADHD and Autism is on the rise. Kids are having a hard time focusing on school; your brain is 80% water, how much toxins are in the poor child’s brain.

Watch the video look how many toxic chemicals are in all the bottle water, tap water, sodas, sports drinks you are drinking.

It is a medical device that hooks right up to your kitchen sink, it takes your tap water converts it into high 9.5 alkaline drinking water and makes the high 11.5 alkaline water for cleaning all your foods I mean all your foods like meats, and don’t think you can get away from all those different type of bacteria that are on all foods the machine has a type of water that kills 99.9% of the bacterias, and the Japanese made it affordable.

Know wonder why hundreds of restaurants all over the world are using the 11.5 high alkaline water out of the Enagic machine see for yourself.

You might want to check it out it is your families’ health you are dealing with.

I hope you make the right choice your family depends on it.

Free information on cases
Free Health ebook go to
Free alkaline water samples

Bill & Emily Mabry
Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist


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