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Why are Pro Athletes & Celebrities and famous business men drinking Restructured Alkaline Water

May 21, 2014


Why are Pro Athletes & Celebrities and famous business men drinking Restructured Alkaline Water, Please Share this Post

“WOW” There must be something to this restructured alkaline water, KTLA news and channel 2 news as well as other news media covering the heath benefts of kangen water.

There is no surprise that Celebrities-Famous people-Actors, professional athletes, fitness gurus, famous business men and women are embracing restructured alkaline water and massively purchasing not just one but in some cases many kangen water processors, (some buying 16 at one time).

Why is there such a buzz about water?

Isn’t water just water?

Well, not true

The medical professional is embracing restructured alkaline water also. Recommending it to the famous and powerful- such as the Queen of England, the pope, U.S. Presidents and other dignitaries

Here is a list of the exuberant fans of restructured alkaline water.

Why? Because their careers and income count on it.

Bill Gates (owns 16 processors), Jillian Michaels, Demi Moore, Aston Kutcher,Jennifer Lopez, Rogar Daultry, Martha Stewart, Carlos Santana, Elton John, Toby Keith, Chuck Norris, Donald Trump & Staff, Steven Tyler (owns 4 machines) Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Steven Seagal, Janet Jackson, Conan O’Brien, Magic Johnson (owns 8 machines), Jack Nicholson, John Mayer, Ron Perlman, Sly Stallone, Chris Angel, Phil Michelson, Sammy Hagar, Chris Daughtry, Rohan Marley, George Lopez, UFC FIGHTER Joe “Daddy” Stevenson (martial artist), Ron Perlman, John Geraghty (Tennis player), Jay-Z, Beyonce, the Obama’s, Cindie Blackman, Pat Boone, Chilean Miners, Les Brown,Michael Robinson of the NFL Seattle Sea Hawks, Bodybuilders Dan Hill & Wade Lightheart, LA Lakers, Pro and Olympic Athletes, Bernando La Poll -109 y/o, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chuck Norris, Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Angel, Toby Keith, John Mayer, and NY Yankees this is the short list. . .

images (44)

As we all know, Professional Athletes sign multi-million dollar contracts with pro ball teams.

Or they have careers playing sports – like golf – which are worth multi-millions of dollars IF they win.

Athletes have a lot riding in their abilities to produce results.
Their level of performance has to equal the amount of money they are earning.

Athletes usually have relatively “short” careers, because their careers are based on their ability to be physically fit and must be able to perform at the same level as other top pro athletes to be competitive. They need every edge they can get.

After investigating the benefits of Kangen Water, more and more professional and amateur athletes, along with Fitness & Diet Professionals rely on Kangen Water to improve they performance and maintain their weight.

Watch this short video on some of the famous people who drink restructures alkaline water.


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