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The Truth is not all Waters are the same

May 15, 2014


The Truth is not all Waters are the same

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Water is so simple and so basic that it is easy to overlook when you consider the factors that determine health or illness. Yet it is often the simplest factors that can make the biggest differences. Water is the very foundation for life. It makes up about 75% of your body. Water cannot be overlooked if you intend to experience vibrant health.

Water is the basis for all your body fluids- including blood, lymph, and digestive fluids. It is critical for the transportation and absorption of nutrients as well as for the elimination of waste. Water also regulates body temperature, it lubricates joints, it cushions organs, and it moistens tissues. These are the most obvious functions of water.

However, water is critical at many other levels. It is involved in the transmission of signals throughout your body. When the amount of or the quality of the water you drink is compromised, signals can becomes distorted or short-circuited, it is very important that anyone who has Autism, ADD, ADHD or any type of brain issue drink the right type of water and be drinking enough water daily, tap water, bottle water, those so called alkaline water you buy at health food stores will not work period. Water also supports the helical spiral of DNA. Research indicates that the way water molecules are organized around DNA is an indication of aging and disease. Water is the largest single source of energy in the human body. Its movement, into and out of cells, produces a significant amount of energy-that’s why one of the first symptoms of dehydration is often fatigue.


Most people think dehydration is something that would happen if they got lost in the desert and had to go without water for several days. The truth is that chronic (on-going) dehydration is widespread. Most Americans are in a state of dehydration without even knowing it.

Unlike a camel, the human body has no way to store water. Dehydration results when you don’t replace all the water that is lost during each day’s activities. Chronic dehydration results when small amounts of water are not replaced day by day. And to make matters worse, many Americans drink beverages containing caffeine or alcohol. These substances cause a net loss, rather than a gain of water in your body. Those who regularly drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are literally “drinking themselves dry.”

When water is lacking numerous functions begin to be curtailed. Headaches, constipation, brain fog, afternoon fatigue, and many other ailments are the results of too little water. By the time any of these common symptoms arises, dehydration has already progressed to the point where water is being rationed in your body. Long-term water rationing leads to premature aging and disease.

All the detoxification pathways in the body (liver-colon, kidneys-bladder, skin-sweat, lung-breath, and lymphatic system) require water. When water is not supplied in abundance, wastes builds up in the fluid, that surrounds each cell and all the detoxification pathways become sluggish. This is when you develop chronic acidosis, when your body is in this state you will breed some type of degenerative disease like cancer and other medical issues. You see 100% of all cancer patients are acidic, in order to kill cancer and other diseases you have to put your body in an alkaline state.

The bottom line is, not all the waters are the same the structure of the water is more important then the chemical compound. Understand that all tap water, bottle water sports drinks and sodas and those so called health food store bought alkaline water they are structured in large molecules of 20-50 clusters, kangen water (alkaline water) are in clusters of 3-5 molecules, that is why it is able to hydrate the 75+ trillion cells.

water micro-clusdered

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