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” WOW” I had know idea Cancer can do This

May 14, 2014

book killing cancer not people

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“WOW” I had know idea that a cancer tumor is able to go from one person to another, and I am sure most of you did not know that.

This just shows how bad it is getting out there when it comes to degenerative diseases and why you cannot take your families heath for granted. Researchers are finding things about cancer and its growth that they are not even telling us.

Doctors and researchers already know how the body can cure cancer and it is right in front of you, but yet you listen to a western doctor who treats cancer with conventional medicine, it is not working, cancer is still on the rise and now our children are getting cancer at an early age most western doctors do not understand acid/alkaline imbalance.


Dr Otto Warburg

You have a doctor who won a noble prize for discovering the cause of cancer (an acidic body) and he discovered the cure to cancer (your body has to be in a slight alkaline environment) he still has not be proven wrong. Has your doctor won a noble prize saying that chemo and radiation will cure your cancer, think about that?

Doctor Shynia

One of the top 10 most famous doctors in the world has been using restructured alkaline water (kangen water) on his patients for decades to treat cancer and having his patients go on a alkaline diet why, because he knows that cancer can not live in an alkaline environment, he wrote a book there is a whole chapter in it about how important alkaline water is for cancer patients. Dr. Hiromi Shinya (The Rejuvenation Enzyme), oh by the way he has a 100% no return on his cancer patients when following his alkaline protocol, that also is in his book.

You have Bob Campbell, researcher and scientist who wrote the book The China Study. He has done research on cancer for decades him and his team found that and acidic body breeds cancer, an alkaline body kills cancer, and the American diet is acidic soooooooooo could this be a sign why cancer is still on the rise. Oh by the way Bob Campbell and his team were able to turn cancer on by using a dairy protein (casein) then they were able to turn that same cancer off by using alkaline foods, cancer can not live in an alkaline environment period.

The question is who has more creditability, these doctors who have been doing research on the cause of cancer and the cure of cancer for decades or your doctor who has little education in acid/alkaline imbalance. Do your own research it may save your life.

I had know idea this could happen

It is not impossible for living cancer cells to pass from one organism to another. Just look at the Tasmanian devil. Their population is up to 90% extinct in some areas because of a highly contagious form of cancer. Eating raw or undercooked, cancerous beef could lead to a person with low or weak immunity developing cancer.4 It sounds crazy… But living tumor cells have survived moving between people before. It’s certainly not a chance any sane person would want to take.

One surgeon managed to accidentally transplant tumor cells from a patient into his own hand during surgery. Five months later, he had a tumor of his own. And it wasn’t a fluke: The tumor samples from the surgeon and patient were genetically identical.5
It’s a worst-case scenario. And it’s highly unlikely… Yet there are other illnesses and diseases to worry about when it comes to eating sick cows.

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