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“WARNING” Diabetic medication may cause Kidney failure

May 12, 2014

cure diabetes naturally

“WARNING” Diabetic medication may cause Kidney failure

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The medication you are taking for your diabetes has side affects if taken for a period of time, you need to know that, you also need to understand that if you have to keep taking medication to keep your blood sugar normal then it is obvious it is not curing your diabetes so why are you still taking it when there is a way to reverse diabetes without taking medication and has know side affects.

Restructured alkaline water with a high pH and a negative charge

Diabetes is a growing health concern for many people. Besides the complications and frustration that come with dealing with the disease, diabetes can also have many secondary complications as a result of uncontrolled blood sugar. Therefore, finding a successful way to treat your diabetes is important, and the health benefits of alkaline water are such that they should not be ignored.

When reading this article you need to understand that not all alkaline waters are the same. You cannot buy ionized restructured alkaline water from any store. Because of the three unique properties in kangen water which are, -ORP, high alkalinity, micro clustering. You have to have all three of these properties, if just one is missing the water will be acidic to the body, it will have a positive charge to it.

Ionized restructured alkaline water has a negative charge to it, it will only last approximately 48 hours in a bottle, once that charge is gone the water then becomes positive charged, you will lose all the antioxidants properties as well as the micro clustering, it will no longer be efficiently absorbed into the body to help you reverse diabetes and besides those so called alkaline water that you buy at the health food store that say they are 9.5 alkalinity, have been sitting in a plastic bottle for months absorbing the toxic chemicals from the plastic, now you are drinking poisoned water.

The Japanese came up with a medical device that hooks up to your kitchen sinks takes the tap water and makes ionized restructure alkaline water that will help your body reverse diabetes; Japan has been using it for decades on their diabetic patients.
The alkaline water is free to try for a few weeks

Types of diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes. The first is Type 1, which is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes. It often occurs in young people and children and is the second most common chronic disease of that age group. Patients with Type 1 diabetes have a pancreas that makes minimal if any insulin, and therefore have to supplement that insulin production with daily injections.

The second type is Type 2, also known as adult-onset diabetes.

This type of diabetes is the one that is becoming an increasing problem, particularly with teens and young adults. This diabetes is often triggered by poor dietary habits that lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels that exhaust the pancreas. This type of diabetes accounts for approximately 90 percent of the total diabetes cases in North America, yet is also the more easily prevented and treated form of diabetes and the one that alkaline water can help.

Diabetes and your pH levels

The reason that diabetes can be better managed through the use of alkaline water comes down to your body’s pH levels. The pancreas secretes insulin, which has a very high (alkaline) pH level.

Insulin helps to lower blood pH and assists your body with the use of sugars and carbohydrates. The pancreas needs calcium to do its job efficiently. However, acidic blood conditions prevent that calcium from being readily used. At the same time, diets that are high in protein can clog the blood vessels of the pancreas, making it more difficult to release insulin.
How alkaline water can help

Alkaline water can help the body manage insulin production (and therefore manage diabetes) in multiple ways. For starters, alkaline water is of a higher pH, meaning that it can help neutralize acidic conditions in the body since smaller clusters of water molecules in alkaline water are more easily used by cells to help hydrate and flush acidic toxins. At the same time, alkaline water has the added benefit of containing ionized calcium, which is very easy for the pancreas to use.

As you replace the ordinary water that you drink with alkaline water, you will start to see the many benefits that are available to you. Over time, the alkaline water will help to balance your system out. Doctors in Korea and Japan have been able to use water treatments alone to help reduce and even eliminate the amount of insulin that their diabetic patients needed to use. In addition, by combining alkaline water with an alkaline diet (achieved by increasing the number of fruits and vegetables and limiting the amount of meat and dairy), you can see results even faster.

Do not become another diabetes statistic. The benefits of alkaline water are real, and they could be helping you.

This video should be shown to anyone who has diabetes.

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