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There Is Poison In The Tap Water

May 5, 2014

there is poison in that tap watr

There Is Poison In The Tap Water

The information you are about to read is only part of our tap water issues; they do not tell you everything. I talked to two separate chemists from two separate water districts who do not know each other, Rancho municipal and Eastern municipal. Before we even started to talk he ask me, do you drink tap water, I told him no, he said good it is poison what ever you do, do not let your family drink it nor should you be cooking with it.

To back that up I had a person call me who saw one of my live demo on how bad the water is we are drinking. He is a supplier for a water treatment plant for their large water pipes. They are building another large water treatment plant in southern California, during his walk threw before construction was started the supervisor asked him do you drink tap water, he said no not after I saw a demo on how bad our tap water is, the supervisor of the treatment plant told him, the public has know Idea how bad the tap water really is. The supplier after he heard this called me right away and ordered his medical device that makes alkaline water and takes the contaminates out of the water.

Both chemists told me that know matter how many time we filter the water we still can not get all the toxic chemicals out. Both chemists also told me they are finding higher traces of arsenic and human waste in the tap water did you just read what I wrote, how in the world after reading this you would even consider drinking or cooking with tap water.

Water is incredibly important to the human body. The average adult human body is 75% water. A baby’s body is closer to 90% two crucial organs in the body, the brain and the lungs, are 80% and 90% water respectively, your blood is 95% water. For this reason, the quality of the water you drink greatly affects your overall health.

Modern society has degraded the quality of the water around us due to our poor environmental habits. This has led us to a point where high quality drinking water can be difficult to find. While the argument is made that tap water is amongst the best water available to us, a series of testing for the ingredients in our tap water would tell almost anyone that it is certainly not of high quality.

Recent analyses of municipal drinking water have shown that, despite government regulations, there are still many dangerous contaminants present in our water. There are many chemicals that are not regulated and there is no legal specifications to restrict what amount of certain chemicals can be in the water. This means that certain chemicals can be found in any given amount.[1]
To make matters worse, many municipalities in Canada and the United States voluntarily add fluoride to their water supplies without the consent or vote of the citizens. In fact, most citizens and government officials are drastically misinformed about fluoride.

The Safe Drinking Water Act only regulates 91 potential water contaminants. In the US alone, over 60,000 chemicals are used that can find their way into water supplies. Many of them have been identified as possible carcinogens ( a substance that can cause cancer). Current estimates suggest that there is more than 2,100 known chemical toxins present in U.S. tap water. Cities with older pipelines also face problems as chemicals leach from the lines as the water travels.

1. Fluoride

Fluoride is one of the biggest, dare I say, ‘shocking calls’ that has ever been made when it comes to voluntarily polluting our water with toxic chemicals. Most may not know, but the fluoride used in water fluoridation practices is a mix of a number of highly toxic chemicals, including radioactive chemicals, that are formed during aluminum and fertilizer production. The substance is considered a class 4 hazardous waste product by the EPA and it is illegal to dump anywhere in the environment.

2. Chlorine

We have all heard of chlorine, not only is it found in our water, but also in most swimming pools. In both uses, it is called upon as a disinfectant as it effectively kills microorganisms. The trouble is, chlorine does not know when to stop killing organisms, which leads to toxic effects for the body. Chlorine has been identified as a leading cause of bladder cancer, and has been associated with rectal and breast cancers, asthma, birth defects and premature aging of skin.[8] We covered this topic in great depth in the January issue of CE Magazine.

3. Radioactive Contaminants

Remember the Fukushima nuclear accident? Since then, radioactive fallout from Japan has been detected in drinking water supplies throughout the U.S. Radioactive iodine-131 was detected in drinking water samples from 13 U.S. cities.[4] In some cities, radioactive cesium and tellurium isotopes have also been detected at low levels. (You can view this data on the EPA’s website.) The health implications of this radioactive contamination are not known yet.

4. Pharmaceutical Drugs

Pharmaceutical drugs are consumed in great numbers in North America. Inevitably, these drugs find their way into our water after being flushed or discarded via urine. Investigations have demonstrated that an increasing number of pharmaceutical drugs are finding their way into our drinking water and this should pose some concern.[5] Anything from antibiotics and birth control pills to painkillers, antidepressants and other psychiatric medications are showing up in most municipal water supplies.

5. Hexavalent Chromium

An Environmental Working Group report revealed that hexavalent chromium, a chemical identified as “probably carcinogen by the EPA,” is present in high concentrations in 31 U.S. cities.[6] If you are unaware of this chemical, it was made famous by the movie, Erin Brockovitch, which chronicled the truth story battle against Pacific Gas and Electric for contaminating the water in an area of Southern California. The chemical poisoned thousands of people yet there are still no regulations for hexavalent chromium in drinking water.

6. Lead, Aluminum & Heavy Metals

Lead and other heavy metals can make their way into our tap water because of the corrosion of pipes in our plumbing systems. Lead consumption has been linked to severe developmental delays and learning disorders in children. Aluminum and other heavy metals have been linked to nerve, brain and kidney damage. In the United States, some municipalities still transport water in lead pipes.

7. Arsenic

Arsenic is a well-known poisonous element known to be extremely carcinogenic. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, it is estimated that as many as 56 million Americans drink water containing unsafe levels of arsenic.[7] Considering the carcinogenic nature of Arsenic, this can greatly increase the rate of cancer. To find out what areas contain more arsenic, see the following link, USGS website.
What Can You Do?

It is pretty obvious after reading this article that all the waters we thought were healthy for us to drink are not, even the ones at the health food stores that says alkaline water, the water has been sitting in that bottle for months, the toxic chemicals from the plastic bottle is now in the water and besides the water has a positive charge to it, go to to see explanation on the 3 properties that make up the best water to drink.

The Japanese have developed a medical device that hooks up to your kitchen sink; it takes your tap water and converts it to alkaline water (kangen water) they have been drinking this water for decades, even their hospitals have been using this water for decades, by the way they are the number one healthiest country in the world, do you see the big picture. It has only been in the United States for a few yours.


Free samples of alkaline water for a few weeks for those who would like to try it , contact me at


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