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Free Alkaline Water Samples

May 5, 2014


Most of us understand how contaminated tap water, bottle water is, we also understand that the so called alkaline water you buy at health food stores is also contaminated due to the fact it has been sitting in plastic bottles for months in some warehouse, we know because of this the chemicals from the plastic has contaminated the water.

For forty years, the Japanese have been drinking kangen water out of a medical device that hooks right up to your kitchen sink and makes the best alkaline water you can drink. Hospitals in Japan have also been using it for decades.

We share the water with people for free for a couple of weeks so you can find out yourself how important the right type of water is for your families’ health.

If you would like to try the water you can contact me, remember it is free.

If you are out of my area, go to to see the truth about the water you are drinking, and then we can try to get you some free water.
Bill Mabry


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