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The “DANGER” of Ignorance when it comes to you and your Families Health

May 3, 2014

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The “DANGER” of Ignorance when it comes to you and your Families Health

Emily and I have been in the health industry for 35+ years, just in the last 3 years we have learned so much about acid/alkaline imbalance. Research has shown that the pH balance of the body plays a huge part when you are looking for good health, the problem was no one taught us this in school nor do they teach this to our up and coming medical doctors. We had no Idea that the structure of certain waters had a play in keeping your bodies Ph balanced.

What we need to understand is, to be able to fight off degenerative diseases our body needs to have a balance pH. Decades of research has always shown this.

Acid and alkaline ph chart

Doctors and researcher have proven that acid build up in our body breeds degenerative diseases, there are doctors who have won noble prizes proving this, still no one told us about it nor have they told the up in coming doctors.

This is why Emily and I are so passionate about sharing how important acid/alkaline imbalance is and why you have to start by changing the type of water, you are drinking.

The most frustrating part of all this, trying to get people to understand it, not only has the doctors brain washed people in thinking that drugs will cure their medical issues, the media is also brain washing people saying things like coco puff cereals are healthy for you because of all the vitamins.

Now we have to deal with something that is far worse “GMO” not only does this alter the DNA of our foods and meats we eat, when consumed it will also alter your own DNA, that is not a good thing.

Most Americans just don’t want to change, their thoughts, they are thinking I am not sick now so what is the big deal, the big deal is acid/alkaline imbalance, you may not be sick now but you will be later in life. And for me as I get older I went to live the rest of my life out as healthy and active as possible not like most elderly people that are in rest homes.

To older women

I have got to admit I was ignorant to all this also, if it was not for my wife and her research abilities I would have been just like most elderly, sick and in active. I also had some major medical issues, and one of them could have been death threatening.

As I learned how important the pH balance is for the body and change the pH of my body from acidic to more alkaline the medical issues I had disappeared. It is not drugs that will cure you , by you giving your body a tool to work with your own immune system will cure what ever issue you have.

If you know someone or maybe you have some type of medical issue do not be ignorant do your research on acid/alkaline imbalance and you will learn that it all has to start somewhere and that needs to be, change the type of water you are drinking. Tap water, bottle water, sports drinks, sodas and all the so called alkaline water you buy in stores they are slowly poisoning you and your family, it is called toxic chemicals.

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