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“STOP” Dangers of Drinking Bottle Water

April 30, 2014

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If you or your family is drinking bottle water like Aquafina and Dasani “STOP’ these two are some of the most dangerous waters out there, some countries have even banned these waters. Read on for the reason. Please Share this Post

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After analyzing hundreds of scientific studies concerning demineralized or reverse osmosis water, the World Health Organization released a report stating that such water “has a definite adverse influence on the animal and human organism.”

Consumers have been so concerned with removing as many things from water as possible that they have forgotten to ask if the resulting water actually improves health or causes health problems. It’s assumed that no toxins equals better health, but there is simply more to healthful water than a lack of toxins, as the World Health Organization clearly points out.

What is alarming is that consuming reverse osmosis water for even just a few months can create serious side effects. “The effects of most chemicals commonly found in drinking water manifest themselves after long exposure.” However “only a few months exposure may be sufficient ‘consumption time effects’ from water that is low in magnesium and/or calcium. Illustrative of such short-term exposures are cases in the Czech and Slovak populations who began using reverse osmosis-based systems for final treatment of drinking water at their home taps in 2000-2002. Within several weeks or months various health complaints suggestive of acute magnesium (and possibly calcium) deficiency were reported. Among these complaints were cardiovascular disorders, tiredness, weakness or muscular cramps.” Again, serious side effects within just several weeks or months.

But it gets even worse. Because reverse osmosis water does not have enough minerals, when it is consumed, it also leaches minerals from the body. This means that the minerals being consumed in food and vitamins are being urinated away. Less minerals consumed plus more minerals, being excreted equals serious negative side effects and big health problems. In a scientific study performed to see if minerals consumed in food can make up for the lack of minerals in reverse osmosis water, scientists concluded that “reduced mineral intake from water was not compensated by their diets…low-mineral water was responsible for an increased elimination of minerals from the body.”

“It has been adequately demonstrated that consuming water of low mineral content has a negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms, compromising the mineral and water metabolism in the body.” Consumption of reverse osmosis water “leads to the dilution of the electrolytes dissolved in the body water. Inadequate body water redistribution between compartments may compromise the function of vital organs. Side effects at the very beginning of this condition include tiredness, weakness and headache; more severe symptoms are muscular cramps and impaired heart rate.”

One popular trend since the negative side effects of consuming reverse osmosis water emerged is the practice of adding minerals back into the reverse osmosis water. On this trend, the World Health Organization states that “possibly none of the commonly used ways of re-mineralization could be considered optimum, since the water does not contain all of its beneficial components. In the case of borderline deficiency of a given element, even the relatively low intake of the element with drinking water may play a relevant protective role.”

It’s practically impossible to recreate natural water with all of its minerals and trace elements from reverse osmosis treated water.

Why risk the side effects of reverse osmosis water in any form if healthful alternatives are available? Restructured alkaline water a medical device that is hooked up to your kitchen sink that takes your tap water that is full of natural minerals and convert it to alkaline water free of contaminates, full of natural minerals(antioxidants).

What this means, your body does not recognize the synthetic minerals they put into the water after they take the natural ones out as being good. Your body will not utilize them efficiently.

Most important on the Ph scale reverse osmosis is very acidic to the body, a diseased body is a 100% acidic, if you and your family keep drinking reverse osmosis water for a period of time you will get some type of degenerative disease later in life. Your body will be on the acid side of the pH scale, oh by the way cancer breeds in an acidic environment, most Americans are on the acid side even our younger Americans.

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