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How Important is your Health to you and your Family

April 29, 2014

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How Important is your Heath to you and your Family

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How important is your health to you and your family, really ask yourself this question or are you that type of person that thinks, know one in my family is sick right now so why worry about it.

You are not the only one that thinks that way most American families have health at the bottom of their list because know one is sick in the family “YET”. Beware; thinking like this just might bite you in the butt.

You see degenerative diseases like acid reflux, diabetes, gout, cancer, high blood pressure, constipation etc happens over time, if you keep up drinking tap water, bottle water, sodas, sports drink and eating the western diet someone in your family over time will get a degenerative disease, I would hate to have you look back and think “What If”.

Maybe this will help rattle your Brain.

CDC-Cancer Prevention and Control Center of Diseases

In 16 years, cancer will become the leading cause of death in the United States, surpassing heart disease, according to a new report from the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The number of new cancer cases is expected to increase nearly 45% by 2030, from 1.6 million cases to 2.3 million cases annually. By 2030, 1 out of 2 people will get cancer. At the dinner table to night look at your family, maybe that will open your eyes.

You are never told the truth about what causes cancer. Usually toxic chemicals cause it, not only by tobacco, but primarily industrial chemicals, pollutants, & by radioactive substances in our food, water, air, homes, & workplace. Recently, the FDA found significant traces of 60-80 pesticides in the average American food-shopping basket. Incredibly, the government did nothing. There is a way you can clean all your fruits and veggies from all the toxic chemicals, you cannot buy it from any store.

After reading this what do you think the chances are that some one in your family will get some type of disease, be honest with yourself the future of your family depends on it.

What is the good news? You can do something about it, learn why so many doctors are seeing the benefits of restructured alkaline water in fighting degenerative disease, and how by just changing the type of water you are drinking will help the bodies’ acid/alkaline imbalance. It is not chemo, radiation, or drugs that will cure you, they are poison to the body it is your own immune system; you have to give it the right tools to work with, conventional medicine will not ever work.


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