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Doctors using Restructured Alkaline Water

April 28, 2014

Doctor Shynia

Doctors using Restructured Alkaline Water

There must be something to this restructured alkaline water. More and More Doctors are writing books about how important the right water is for your health. Doctors are seeing the test results of people who are dinking alkaline water who have been on medication for there issues for years, the results are showing improvements where the medication did nothing, all they did was change the type of water they where drinking, but it can not be just any alkaline water.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya is a world-renowned gastroenterologist credited with the invention of the colonscopy. Some of his patients have been Kings, Queens, Presidents and many celebrities.

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In his book The Rejuvenation Enzyme he has a whole chapter on how important restructured alkaline water (kangen water) is for his practice, he has been using kangen water for decades.

For those of you who think this water is to true to be good, you had better think twice and get your family drinking the best water in the world. You might want to think about this, one of the top 10 most famous doctors in the world has been using kangen water for decades, are you going to believe this guy or your doctor who has no education on how important acid/alkaline imbalance is for your health. The right choice could save your life or a love ones life.

I forgot to mention one little bit of information, of all the people who he has worked with that had cancer, and they followed his protocol he has a 100% no return policy, he has treated 100’s of thousands of people, you think that might be a sign.

More and more doctors are seeing the benefit of restructured alkaline water (kangen water) from their clients blood test and charts, you can not lie on those types of test.

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Bill & Emily Mabry
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