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How Bad is The Water You are Drinking

April 24, 2014

Why is the structure of water so important for superior hydration? Here is a great example: you take a tennis ball throw it at a tennis net, what will the ball do, bounce off of course, now take a hand full of bb’s and do the same thing, the bb’s will penetrate the net or for better words, go threw the net.

This same example goes for water, if you look at the diagram you can see two types of water molecules, the large clusters of molecules represents all your bottle water, tap water, sodas, sports drinks they are in clusters of 20-60 molecules. The smaller molecules represent kangen water, restructured negatively charged alkaline water.


All bottle water, tap water, sodas and sports drinks has a positive charge to them, kangen water has a negative charge to it that is why the clusters are so small because it is micro-clustered properties. Listen up people this part is very important to remember I mentioned that all bottle water, tap water and sports drinks have a positive charge to it, remember that, because what you are about to learn will explain why you do not get hydrated drinking positive charged fluids.


Now it is time to look at your 75+ trillion cells and how water and nutrients are carried into each cell, this is amazing.

Here is a picture of what one of your cells look like.

water chennels

Do you see those little dark circles on the cell walls, those are called water channels, now look at the cross section of your cell. How in the world can large clusters of water molecules fit threw those little channels, they can not that is why you can not hydrate yourself by drinking bottle water, tap water , sodas and sports drinks your body is dehydrated and you are now acidic and breeding some type of degenerative disease.


Look at the pH chart where do you think you are at, if you are not drinking kangen water you are acidic, kangen water is alkaline and is micro-clustered with a negative charge.

ph chart good one

Now look at the cross section again, now remember I talked about the charge in water and all bottle water, tap water have a positive charge. Any water that has a positive charge to it is acidic to the body.

Your body is not stupid it has ways to protect itself from acidy. As you can see in the cross section, your cell will not let a positive charged water into it, because of this you are not hydrating yourself nor are you letting in nutrients and oxygen. Kangen water has a negative charge to it so the body looks at that as something good and lets it pass threw, remember water is carrying oxygen and nutrients into the 75+ trillion cells.

Dr. Otto Warburg noble price winner stated, and acidic environment will breed cancer, cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. The next time your doctor tells you alkaline water is snake oil ask him if he won a noble prize for finding the cure to cancer, oh by the way Dr. Otto Warburg has not been proven wrong yet.

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