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Is the Water in your Body like a Dirty Fish Bowl

April 23, 2014


Is the Water in your body like a dirty fish bowl

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How many of you new that water is a nutrient, our cells need nutrients to survive. Not only is water the transport fluid for nutrients to get into the cells, water itself is a nutrient.

In fact, oxygen and water are the most important nutrients for the human body. Thus, water plays an important metabolic role in all functions in the body.

I hope you all are drinking 10-15 glasses of water per day, sorry guys and gals star bucks does not count, sodas and sports drink also do not count as glasses of water.

Look at the picture below that shows certain parts of the body and the amount of water that parts needs. Wouldn’t make since water plays a huge part in hydrating the body so we can function. So why are we not focusing on learning more about water. My wife and I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 35+ years, with all the education and classes we have been involved in nobody told us how important water is to balance our pH to be healthy. No one told us not all waters are the same, no one told us the structure of water is as important or even more important then the compound itself. This also goes for the western medical industry; doctors where not told this either, most of them, to this day have no idea about acid/alkaline imbalance. The difference between them then us, we educated ourselves on how important the pH of the body is for fighting degenerative diseases.


Great example a fish bowl, how many of you have had your own fish bowl? How many of you kept feeding your fish but didn’t clean the fish bowl, the fish would eat then poop, fish would eat then poop again, over time the water in the fish bowl would get acidic and nemo would be upside down dead. You have to look at the body the same way. The fish died because of the lack of oxygen.

th (1)

The air you breathe, the water you have been drinking, sodas, sports drinks, the chemicals that are on all the foods you are eating, these are all acidic to the body. Because of all the toxic chemicals you are putting in your body you have to have a way to flush it out on a daily bases. Look at the picture below showing a pH chart, for you to be healthy you need to be above the 7.0 neutral mark. Most of you and your family are below you are acidic and getting sicker.

ph chart 1

As you can see in the picture below of some of the waters and sodas, and sports drinks, we tested, you can see how acidic they are, the only one that has millions of antioxidants and oxygen (alkaline) is the purple one, kangen water.


Now look at the picture of the bodies and how much water each part should have to be healthy. If you are not drinking restructured alkaline water chances are you are just like the fish bowl acidic and breeding diseases. The pH balance of your body is one of the most important factors besides breathing for you and your family to stay healthy, by knowing acid/alkaline imbalance you my save someone’s life.

So what do you think, is it healthy to have a body filled with dirty fish water or clean alkaline water.

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This post talked about the alkalinity of water, next is how we get this water into the 75+ trillion cells, remember the right water helps carries oxygen and nutrients into each cells. If you are drinking, tap water and bottle water, you are not utilizing most of the nutrients and oxygen. Watch for my next post on how important the structure of water is to hydrate and carry nutrients and oxygen to each cell.

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