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” Heart Pills” Can Increase Heart Disease Risk by 80%

April 21, 2014

Live blood test kangen watervit in a plateimg_deydrated

“Heart Pills” Can Increase Heart Disease Risk by 80%

Is there a safe solution to High Blood Pressure “yes?”
Restructured Alkaline Water

New research shows these pills can raise atrial fibrillation (AF) risk by 80% in seniors. And talk about scary…
AF is the most common form of irregular heartbeat. It causes fast, chaotic electrical signals to shoot through the upper-chambers of your heart. AF leads to blood pooling in your atria. This means it isn’t reaching the lower chambers. The result is a heart divided: The upper part doesn’t know what the lower part is doing.
If you’re lucky, you may experience some chest pain. But it can also cause heart failure and stroke. To make matters worse, you may not ever notice the symptoms. You could even be stuck with AF for life if your heartbeat doesn’t respond to intervention.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I have mentioned the danger of these drugs to your heart and be sides if you have been taken these drugs for a long period of time you have a good chance of getting kidney or liver issues. If you have a history of heart problems, these pills may raise your risk of death by 55%. Now Dutch researchers have discovered that even if you haven’t had a heart event in the past, you’re still at risk.
Not only that, but you don’t need to even be currently taking one of these drugs to be in danger. Within 30 days of use, your chances of developing AF could be 84% higher than someone who never takes one. Researchers found that it doesn’t matter what your blood pressure or cholesterol charts say. It doesn’t even matter if you smoke or not.
You might be relying on them every day…like 30 million other Americans. Or maybe you only use them once in a while. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: These pills can put your heart—and your life—in serious danger.

There is a natural solution to high blood pressure and other related issues. You just have to know what the root of the problem is.

The root of your high blood pressure issue is you are dehydrated and your body is very acidic.

ph chart good one

Check out the picture below, your red blood cells are sticky and thick. Because of this, your heart has to work harder to pump the blood threw the arteries, which is putting more pressure on the artery walls, this causes your high blood pressure numbers.

sticky blood

So what dose the doctor do, gives you a pill that only mask the problem it will not cure it, like the article stated, the pills will make your heart issues worse, you have to find out why you have thick blood.

Your blood is 95% water, think about how much water are you really drinking daily, it should be 10-15 glasses per day, coffee, tea, sodas, sports drinks do not count.

Some of you are thinking, this is cool I drink at least 5-6 bottles of bottle water per day, I am ok. I am going to burst your bobble, if you are drinking bottle water or sports drinks or sodas you are poisoning your self. Bottle water are full of toxic chemicals, sodas have cancer causing chemicals in them as well as all sports drinks and be sides the structure of the molecules in these drinks are so big they can not penetrate the 75+ trillion cells to hydrate the cells, you would be lucky to get 17% of the water you are drinking.

water micro-clusdered

So what is the answer to lowering the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease? You have to drink restructured negatively charged alkaline water ( kangen water) the molecules in kangen water are in very small cluster, because of the structure it is able to enter into the very small water channels on all the 75+ trillion cells for superior hydration. This is important to know because kangen water has an electrical charge to every class you drink, it will also increase the negative charge in each of your red blood cells, a good example of this is the picture below, you have the sticky red blood cells and then you have the separated nice round blood cells, the nice round separated bloods cells have a charge to them, remember your science class, if you have two objects that has a negative charge to them they will repel from each other, there you go. Check out the picture above that shows separated red blood cells.

Water channels; look at how small the water channels are, can you see why the structure of the water is so important.

Aquaporins water channels in cells

If you know some one who has high blood pressure or any type of heart issues, send this to them they need to know the truth. Check out this video of a doctor who has done her research on how negatively charge water hydrates the blood.

Doctors video

Go to for a free health ebook


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